When you head into a home decor store, be it online or office, looking for a rug, there is a rare chance that you will find a ready-made floor rug for your office space that’s perfect. In most instances, you are bound to go for custom size rugs. Choosing a rug for your home can be vastly different than picking one for your home. Plus, unlike electronics like a television or coffee maker that you can get two for both your office and home when it comes to rugs, it is a different ball game altogether. You have to be very selective and objective when picking a rug for your office space. There are several variables you have got to consider before you make a final decision on which rug to go for your professional space. 

Do you know what those variables are? Don’t worry, let us guide you through a couple of quick tips that will find you help when you go shopping for custom size rugs for your office space. 

  • Know the decor

Let’s begin by considering the decor your office space holds. If you have designed an office with antique furniture and old looks, you should probably go for souvenir rugs like Kashmiri rugs with medical designs that will match with your decor perfectly. On the other hand, if you have a minimalistic decor with modern painting and youthful looks, modern rugs with symmetry and young design should be your primary choice. It is always better to understand how the rug will glare when put against your office decor. The wallpapers, painting, tiles, and even small items that make a place completely play an integral role in choosing the perfect rug. Even though you might presume that the floor rug will not be a point of attraction, the office is a space that your clients will visit and you want to have the best impression on them. So, don’t compromise, choose right. 

  • How many people work in your office

A strange yet necessary aspect of your rug shopping part is to acknowledge the number of employees that work in your office. Why? It’s simple. This will help you decide the material you can choose your custom size rugs to be made from. If you are going to place your rug in a place that is going to have a lot of footfall, selecting a floor rug made from cotton can be harmful to your pockets. Material like cotton can’t take a lot of footfall and will begin to dismantle soon. Whereas microfibres or even wool, to a certain extent, can withstand foot falls day in and out. You don’t have to worry about its damages. So, consider your employees and the office environment when buying a rug for your office. And also the place where you are going to floor it. 

  • Is cleaning in place? 

No matter when you place your custom size rugs, be it in the kitchen, at the reception, or inside your cabin. The more dust and feet it sees the dirtier it is going to get. And rugs are not something that’s easily learned with a broomstick, sometimes, even a vacuum will not be enough. So, the best thing you can do is to have a cleaning mechanism in place. Someone can either come in during the weekends when your office is closed and clean the rugs. A factor you should definitely think about when shopping for rugs for your office. 

  • Are measurements in place?

Have your measurements ready and know where you want to place the rugs. If you get the measurement wrong, you will have a custom made rug that is just unusable. With so many cabins and desks, office spaces can get really tricky. So, don’t go by your gut or any previous measurement. Know how much space is occupied by what and how much is not, plan your custom rugs accordingly, and choose right. 

  • Type of people in the office

An antique rug with ancient design patterns will certainly not go with an office with bean bags. In other words, you should be able to assess the type of people that work in your office. Whether they are youngsters or old-timers and then select a rug. An important aspect you must consider. 

At the end of the day, you want your office to look a class apart. So, you have to be smart. If you haven’t ventured online for rug shopping, try it. There are numerous offers and deals you can find on your favorite custom size rug. 

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