A smoker’s experience would be incomplete without a torch. There are various forms of lighters and torches online, each with its specific purpose and function. These portable gadgets, in general, make it easy to light smoking products and other flammable materials. 

The market offers a diverse range of lighters, be it a mini torch lighter or torches for cigars. Some torches are explicitly designed for recreational purposes, while others are designed for specific outdoor events and everyday use. Knowing what each type helps you choose the best lighter for your recreational or functional purposes.

In 2019, over 14 out of every 100 adults in the United States aged 18 and up (14.0 percent) smoked cigarettes. This means that in the United States, approximately 34.1 million adults are indulged in smoking.

Choosing the correct lighter or torch is based on several factors. A certain kind would be able to meet your needs effectively without sacrificing functionality. It’s easier to determine which lighter or torch is right for you if you know what each type is, what it does, and what it’s for.

Basic Torch Lighter Types

Torch lighters are classified as heavy-duty lighters. Because of the strong and consistent flames they produce, such torches are ideal for lighting cigars. Mini Torch lighters are one such type of heavy-duty lighters. Torch lighters usually use butane, while standard lighters use Naptha, a flammable fluid obtained by refining crude oil.

Torch lighters are classified into three categories based on the flame jets they emit. 

  1. Single jet torch flame Torches. 
  2. Double jet torch flame Torches 
  3. Triple jet torch flame Torches 


  • Lighters with a single jet torch


The flame of a single or one jet torch lighter, also known as one flame torch, is extremely narrow. The blue hue indicates the strength of the flame. The most basic kind of torch lighter on the market is the single-flame torch lighter.

Large cigars are ideal for single jet torch flame lighters. This sort of torch lighter produces a strong flame. With this style of flame, the smaller diameter-gauged cigars light and burn very quickly.


  • Torch Lighters with Two Jets


The double jet torch lighters are the second kind of torch. A burning catalyzer is contained within an interior cylinder from which the flames escape. Compared to a single jet torch lighter, a double jet torch produces two or three times the temperature.

Torch lighters with two flames are suitable for use outside. Due to its high intensity, the flame it produces may be readily maintained even in windy conditions. With a double jet torch lighter, you can ignite bonfires and barbecue fire pots rapidly.


  • Lighters with three jets for torches


In triple jet torch lighters, the burning of chemicals from the torches cylinder produces a flame. This torch lighter delivers the maximum heat and intensity in comparison to the other torch lighters. Its flame also spreads out across a vast space.

A triple-flame torch can readily light cigars with a gauge of more than 48. While using triple jet torches, exercise caution because the fluid might spill and create fires if mishandled. If you’re a newbie, a 3-jet torch lighter is a preferable choice.


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