Rolex is one of those brands that stands out among the rest. It symbolizes the gold-standard of luxury watches everywhere. Today, Rolex watches are sold and resold all over the world in various styles, and some increase in value with each passing year. Read on to see what makes Rolex first in its class and get to know more about how to buy a pre-owned Rolex for yourself.

Brief history of Rolex

Rolex and its founders envisioned the watch brand as a line of beautifully crafted timepieces that could be worn for both accuracy and fashion. Starting with a waterproof and dustproof foundation, Rolex manufactured their first signature timepiece simply called the “Oyster” in 1926. This water-resistant watch was paired with a sturdy leather strap and marketed as the first waterproof wrist watch available. This claim took the brand far and was proven to be true in 1927 by a young English swimmer named Mercedes Gleitze who swam for over 10 hours across the English Channel all while wearing a Rolex Oyster. The wristwatch survived the swim and remained in tact and ticking away when she had completed her challenge. Today, vintage Rolex Oyster timepieces can be found anywhere from $2,000-$8,000 and up. The price for a vintage Rolex would depend largely on wear and tear of the timepiece and proof of authenticity.

Buying pre-owned

When searching for your dream watch pre-owned, you will want to check off a few boxes.

  • Stay within your budget
  • Make sure the seller is an authorized dealer
  • Get a firsthand look at the watch and ask about its parts

Compare your options with other reputable sellers you are interested in before purchasing. The goal is to find the best pre-owned Rolex for your money.

Stay within a set budget so you can get a filtered look at exactly what you can afford. When you visit a reputable dealer, you can feel at ease knowing you are buying an authentic Rolex timepiece for a fair price. Do your research, read reviews, and try to avoid questionable Craigslist or Ebay listings from people you do not know. Try to find an industry professional or company that specializes in Rolex sales.

If possible, get a look in person at the pre-owned watch you are interested in. By getting an up close and personal look at your desired timepiece you can better see inclusions and flaws. Speak to your seller about the previous repair history and inquire about any alterations that may have been made. Any Rolex models that have been previously repaired by non-Rolex parts can become more difficult to maintain and repair in the future. Allowing other parts to be used in the repair of your Rolex will also decrease its value, so keep that in mind moving forward. Extend the life of your Rolex by taking it to reputable sellers who can assure you that your watch can and will be fixed using authentic Rolex parts. Pay close attention to what your seller has to say about the longevity of your pre-owned Rolex. Finally, ask them about any type of warranty that can be offered to you and your Rolex so that you can have a backup plan if needed for repairs and other forms of maintenance.

Searching for a Rolex that is specifically vintage? Again, it is still possible to find vintage certified pre-owned Rolex watches for sale that date back to the 1920s but they will still set you back about $7,000 or more. When searching for somewhere to purchase in-person, be absolutely certain that the company or person you are buying from is a certified Rolex merchant and that their selection is legitimate. You should be able to receive some sort of letter or certificate of authenticity to prove the true value of the timepiece.

Caring for a Rolex

Caring for your Rolex will determine its future value. Whether you would like to hold on to your timepiece for sentimental reasons or pass it along to someone you love, taking proper care of your Rolex while you own it is crucial.

One of the defining elements of your Rolex is its crown lock. The crown lock ensures your Rolex’s waterproof properties and prevents water damage. In fact, when properly protected, a Rolex can survive depths of at least 100 meters under water. Some models can withstand a depth of 1,200 to 3,900 meters! To keep the trademark crown locked into place you simply screw the crown down until you can no longer turn it.Aside from the crown lock, keeping your watch clean and free of debris can also affect the value of your pre-owned Rolex. Clean the face by using a soft cloth to wipe away any dust. For a more thorough clean on the face and bracelet links, use a gentle soap and small brush to scrub lightly at any offending dirt. Wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth and store your Rolex when not in use.

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