Jumping on to the world’s largest online marketplace is not as easier as one thinks. It is not a “Get Rich Quick” business. Becoming profitable in Amazon is a time-consuming process that needs planning, preparation, and hard work. There are some techniques to be followed, from selecting a product to sell to responding to the queries raised by the customer after purchase, to be successful. If you want to become an Amazon seller, you should know these techniques. Some of the ways of approaching the marketplace to be successful are explained below.

Table of Contents

  • Select the right product to sell
  • Advertise your product
  • Optimize the listing
  • Increase the reviews
  • Set up FBA
  • Respond to customers
  • Follow the rules of Amazon

Select the right product to sell

You should be very decisive in choosing the product you are going to sell. Choosing a highly competitive product will mess you up amidst the potent competitors already fighting at the niche. You should choose a product with less competition and high demand. Although it seems tough at the beginning, the results will talk later. Select the products in which people are interested at the moment. 

Advertise your product

The main part of selling a product is to advertise it. The more you market your product, the more will be the reach. You should market the product through various channels like your social media, blogs, and email lists, etc. You can partner with influencers to promote your listings in their social media accounts. You can carry out advertising campaigns to promote your listing. Although it takes some money in the beginning, it can be gained as profit when the sales start to pick up.

Optimize the listing

Amazon search is the same as that of a Google search. The more optimized content will be shown first. If you optimize your product listing with keywords and search terms that are popular with the customers, your listing will be more visible to them. This automatically drives traffic to your product page thus increasing the traffic. You can do a keyword analysis and competitor analysis to find the terms that can be used in the listing to get better traffic. Try to get quality images for your product. A clear image will also be a part of an optimized listing. 

Set up Fulfilled by Amazon

If you set up your product under Fulfilled by Amazon category, all the packaging; shipping; and delivery of the product will be carried out by Amazon itself. This will be the safest and easier way of shipping the product without any extra effort on it. The proper and quality delivery by Amazon is trusted by a majority of the customers making FBA the best option to carry out the after-purchase activities. Even customer service is done through FBA.

Increase the reviews

Online word of mouth is known as a review. The more positive reviews for your product, the more will be the number of new customers. Amazon provides many options to increase the reviews naturally like the Early Reviewer Program, Vine program, and the likes. These programs allow a seller to increase the reviews for his product in return for some discounts and free products for the reviewers. However, these reviews also will be genuine opinions of the reviewers. Providing a quality product and responsive customer service will automatically increase the positive reviews for the product thereby increasing the sales. Every measure to increase the reviews should follow the Amazon guidelines. 

Respond to the customer

The selling process won’t stop after shipping the product to the customer. You should be available to respond to the queries raised by a customer in case of any difficulties during the delivery of the product. This can be anything like damage to the product or any similar issues. This should be attended at the moment and solved as soon as possible. This responsiveness to the customer will decrease the negative reviews for the product. If you get any negative review from the customer, you should reply to him explaining the issue and try to sort out the difficulty thereby making him delete that negative review.

Follow the guidelines of Amazon

If you want to mail a customer, you should follow some guidelines to meet the Terms of Service of Amazon. Some of the restricted activities are as follows.

  • You should not ask for a review or feedback directly to a customer
  • You should not send multiple emails to a single customer
  • You cannot ask a customer to modify their statement in the review
  • You cannot link to any product page or other pages through the mail
  • You should not send marketing or promotional materials to customers

If you deviate from these guidelines, your seller account may be blocked.

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