More than 800 million monthly users, Instagram is the most popular social media platform around the world. Those time forget when some wanted to start a career was associated with a large number of tough challenges. Everybody can be a celebrity if they want because now almost these rules are gone. Instagram is a miracle thing that made all this possible. This platform gives us a lot of opportunities without knowing who you are. At this platform, you can assist yourself as a celebrity, musician, even field of life.

If you want to start your career, so don’t miss it because Instagram gives you a chance. These are some easy ways which will help you build your ladder fame by using “how to be an Instagram celebrity”?

Define your style?

If you want to become a celebrity, you should show your interest in your career like fashion, designer, musician, business coach or even housekeeper.

Do you know about your talent?

First of all, you got to ask a question yourself, do you know about your talent? If you want to start a page on Instagram, you are passionate about something and you have a talent for. This is the best way to a famous on Instagram celebrity. For example, If you have the talent to start a singing career and you are genuine people will like and follow you.

Go for Good Quality

You should take amazing photos. You can fill Instagram with a high-quality image that people want to see. There are a million apps that can help in the process when it comes to photo editing. Most popular apps are Snap seed, VSCO, and A color story. You get more likes with colorful and bright pictures and light is the best key to every photo.

Develop hashtag to be an Instagram

Many brands have developed their hashtag which is used by their followers. A hashtag is the best way to develop a community of engaged people around a topic. Your hashtag is your account’s name, product’s name, program that is related to your niche.

Get 100 to 1000 followers on Instagram

As you know we all have friends and family, so be sure to include everyone on your journey at this platform. Sometimes, the content is not enough or valid to gain too many followers, if you don’t have it may take a long time to reach 1000 in a case when you post photographs. Today many boost their following especially while just starting the account, you can buy instagram followers either. But if you wish to achieve it the natural way you need to know some tricks which may help you to speed up this process.

You should make a list of competitors

This is too much important to be a celebrity.

  • First of all, to get an understanding of the portfolio, what type of post gets the most share.
  • Second, better to be friend with your competitors rather than fight for the followers.

Your bio is most important to be an Instagram celebrity

At this step, you tell something about yourself in 150 characters. Your potential followers want to see your post so you should make a bio that draws attention. Definitely, it is a good idea to grab the attention of followers if you have a link in your bio. But if you can use emoji’s in your bio it is also nice to make your bio livelier, but it just depends on your niche.

Your Theme

You should always try to stick to a certain color photo style. So avoid it never copy any picture from someone profile. You just think about how you can make your theme look unique and beautiful. Because most of the people want to see you real so the easier way for you to create content and make people fall in love with you.

Tell a Story Online

In real life, we all have stories so it is not difficult to tell a story online.  So it can help you to be an Instagram celebrity. There are three elements of why people interact on Instagram or other social media website. People want to be inspired, educated and entertained.

For example, if singing is your thing so here is the way you can tell them a story:

  • Are you learning a new vocal technique? Let your followers know what progress you’re making. Maybe you can give the followers pointers on how they also could master the technique.

Be Consistent.

You should decide how many posts you will create on Instagram per day or per week. So you should make at least 2 or 3 posts per day if you are serious about becoming famous on Instagram or social media. If you find it hard to create a lot of content about your post, don’t depress about it. So you should spend more time simply interacting with the followers or build a long-lasting relationship with them.


A shoutout is a wonderful way to gain new followers on social media. It is a simple way to mention someone in your post or story. Then you can make a screenshot of their story and use it as a social media post. Either you can buy or exchange Shoutout. The rate of shoutout usually start around 5$ but when you pay a user so she/he would do a shoutout for your account.

Engagement Group

Engagement group is a group conversation on Instagram or other social media platforms. The participant will engage (like or comment) with each other’s post in the groups.

Engage with the Audience

You should be focusing on this point because this is the most important thing which can help you to be famous on Instagram. You should interact with audience or followers to introduce yourself and send them a DM to greet them if you don’t set up to engage with the audience to add a welcome message for your followers in the Instagram set.

Like this:

“Hi (name) thanks for following me”

Mistake to avoid

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity
  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags
  • Instagram account is not public people will not follow you if they can’t find you
  • Following a number of accounts at the same time
  • Avoid using duplicate content


To become famous Instagram is a wonderful platform, personally, I believe that it is the best platform to be famous on Instagram or other social media website. You will be more successful when you spend a lot of time with your followers. It is a big struggle in the start but when you hit-up to 1,000 followers it gets fun.

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