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Your home should exude hospitality and artistic splendor enough for you to dream of it all day at work. The aesthetic vigor of your home extensively depends on the choice of concrete stains you use.  This stain should colorfully agree with the overall landscape of your home from the driveway all through the walking path.

Water based concrete stain (which are non-acidic) are better options than acid stains. The latter is infamous for its less vibrant color palette and environmental unfriendliness.

Water-based stains are your best options to restore the artistic life to your home, giving it that color that is more eye-catchy and sustainable as well.

There are several color variants of water-based stains. This cuts across metallic tints as well as white and black tints. You can readily mix these stains to more achieve more peculiar color variations just as you could with water-based paints.

For the DIY freak who loves micromanaging every facet of his life, you may be interested in how you can apply your water-based stain yourself. Who cares, the professional painter can go broke!

Let us examine how you can easily apply your water based concrete stain possibly after you mix them at home.

Get your concrete washed

First things first, you have to wash the concrete. No one like this job, but this is paramount to the durability of the stain. The debris collected before now on the concrete would compromise the quality of the stain if applied directly.

In the case where the concrete has just been poured, you could rinse its surface off. Garden hose irrigation can quickly get this done so we can start.

Of course, it has to dry

So after we have washed the concrete, we spare it some time to dry off.  Go watch Game of Thrones. Possibly after 24 hours – humidity and weather being perfect – we can come back to our dried concrete and continue the process.

Get things mixed

Now, it is time to mix the concrete stain. Most water-based stains come in powder form. Others come in a bucket as well. You can pour one full powder dosage into your garden sprayer, get some water, and mix accordingly. Many water-based stain producers will explicitly point out the ideal quantity of water for the mixing to get the right concentration.

Now let us spray

Having mixed the stain properly, we can spray it on our concrete. Here is the master approach. Low strokes back and forth give you that uniform stain cover for your concrete, which is all perfect. Don’t flood your concrete with the stain. No argument it should be adequately soaked but not to leave puddles of stain on your pavement extravagantly.

Let it dry up

You can give the concrete some time to chill and dry up. This shouldn’t take more than 13 hours in normal conditions. After this, follow the first spray with another staining do it again just as before. After the second coating, you can now allow it to dry longer. A day is fine.

Seal up

Here we are almost done! Seal your stain, and you are good to go. Concrete sealants improve the longevity of the stain, so it doesn’t fade too quickly. After applying concrete sealer with your paintbrush, you can let it dry for another day. There, your concrete is set, back to radiating beauty.

Now, welcome back home – sweet home!

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