These days it is easier than ever before to become an entrepreneur. This is in no small part why we are living in an age that is now being called the “Freedom Era”. In other words, private individuals are now able to start their own businesses with little to no friction, achieve financial independence, and challenge the ways big corporations drive sales and customers.

In this article we will look closer at some of the different ways in which the “Freedom Era” is changing the entrepreneurship landscape and what it means for aspiring entrepreneurs. So if you have found this article and want to learn more about the concept, this post is for you!

Freedom and Accessibility

The internet and the many tools associated with online apps and services have quickly become one of the cornerstones of the Freedom Era. Nowadays people are able to work from home on anything from large-scale projects, to small side hobbies, and everything in between.

In the early 2000’s, we saw the rise of content management systems being freely available, which led to many successful bloggers and independent ecommerce stores. Now there are thousands of different services available, letting people build whatever their imagination dictates.

Low costs

Not only has the barrier of entry in terms of technical knowledge been lowered, but the costs associated with starting an online business have dwindled as well. This has made it possible for almost anyone with an internet connection to get started without investing heavily into their business.

There are countless such services available, as noted by The Florida Business Review, in their article on The Freedom Era, making it possible for people to get clients and sales without spending advertising money or upfront fees for website hosting and more.

There are no borders online

Another large part of the success of so many individuals, is due to the fact that people from all over the world and communicate effectively with each other. 

There are countless opportunities for growth and expansion that come with a global customer base, and even more so when considering the fact that timezones are no longer relevant in our modern world of e-mail and online communication.

One downside of the Freedom Era could be said that everyone is now in competition with each other, as opposed to the more localized competition we saw in the past. Some argue this is a good thing for the services rendered, as the highest quality and best prices win out over those that deliver sub-par quality, or charge too much. What are your thoughts?

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