A guide of some essential markers that students and aspirants can refer to in case they are employing online sources of information and employ technology in the different formats that it comes with (videos, pdf files, tutorials, etc.) with some analysis, pros, cons and crucial pointers for developing the correct mental framework.

The global spread, penetration and presence of technology in the 21st-century global scenario

Technology has taken over the world with a storm. Everyone possesses a smartphone in today’s day and age. It goes something like this; you need to be smart enough to use the smart technology these days. We are going through a revolution historically where technology can now be paralleled as a superpower of its kind. Even babies today interestingly can operate a smartphone from the very beginning. Little kids know more than their parents with regards to the same, leaving the older generation shaking their heads in confusion. Today even classrooms feature aspects of technology with eduComp smart class being a part of all major schools in Delhi and across India, gradually spreading its roots in the Educational sector. So how do UPSC exams or any exams come into the picture? Let us dive into the nitty-gritty of the same.

Technology – Virtual Community, Popular Questions and the kind of communities that initiate active interest

To begin with, technology and internet have created an alternative community in the virtual world. We have so many websites that are dedicated to the preparation of competitive examinations. A large number of websites have people posting queries on things like ‘What are some of the best ways to clear the UPSC exam?’ , ‘What are some of the best books one can refer to clear JEE’ and ‘How to prepare for TISSNET’. What is interesting is this , let us take the website quora as an example , majority of these questions are often taken up by students who have already cleared these exams, or were previously a part of the same phase of preparation and made it and also a lot of people who have surpassed this gruelling phase and are now employed.

Different strategies, tools and information as a tool that empowers young minds

Student communities take the matter into their own hands, and the best part is that such readily available insights that are available online give you an idea with regards to different strategies one can adapt to clear these exams. For instance, we have UPSC prelims answer key that one can infer to while simultaneously preparing. Mock tests are also available on selective websites and having something like a UPSC prelims answer key to analyse your levels of progress go a long way. A large variety of tools like web modules, YouTube videos, Tutorials, Articles and social media are available at the career enthusiasts disposal to best select methods, organizations and strategies that will suit their requirements. If the person who is taking up these examinations can cohesively choose a pattern that suits their requirements the most then the path towards facing any interview situation in life also becomes a deck of cards you can expertly work your way around. Thus, a checklist sort of emerges, making things easier, comprehensible and cohesive which aligns the control of your progress on a positive trajectory.

Students – Proceed with caution as you employ technology to prepare because.

One thing that students who are using these platforms should be wary of is experiencing what is called ‘informational overload’. Try not to use a hundred sources that will lead you towards a downward spiral and uncertainty. It is best to do your complete research work with source verification, and once you have that clarity, you can speed through the preparatory process.

Keep hope, stay strong and prepare away like a warrior winning a battle

To conclude, one of the best advice to anyone who is preparing, is this – Maintain an optimistic outlook. Even optimism is a skill that people spend a long time working on before they fully imbibe it. An optimistic approach goes a long way in creating a headspace that will bear wonderful fruity results, something you always wish and desire while prepping. So do you want to miss that out? Students tend to deal with a myriad of expectations, especially from those around themselves, and very importantly, with those that they have from themselves. Thus, maintain a balance not only in terms of works but maintain an emotional equilibrium so that your thoughts do not become a hindrance while you prepare for one of the most important examinations of your life. You have our very best wishes. Do bear the pointers mentioned in this article in your mind. However, bring them into practice and apply them daily so that they become unconscious to you and only make you an efficient worker.

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