Blogging is one of the easiest and effective ways small businesses can use to promote their brands, as well as reach out to their target audience. One, however, needs to blog consistently while providing useful and relevant content for his/her target audience. With many businesses now operating online, it is important for you too, as a small business, to create a strong presence online as well. An active online presence gives your business a better chance to compete for customers and audience with already established businesses/companies. An online presence also means target and loyal customers can engage with you directly.

In addition to creating a website, blogs make it possible to shed light on various aspects of your business and promote your products and services. You can also use it as a tool to attract and drive traffic to your website, hence more prospective customers.

A recent study shows that 80% of all companies use blog marketing strategy. This thus makes blogging an integral part of marketing in business. Outlined below are some of the advantages and ways small businesses benefit from blogging.

1. Create and Fortify Relationships with New and Current Customers

Many customers will first take to the internet to research a particular product/company before making an order or reaching out.  Blogs provide small businesses with an opportunity to connect with target and current customers through regular updates and blogs. Some of these blogs may be about a new product or service you have launched.

Startup business growth specialists at say, “many businesses use blogs to help customers understand more about the product and how it can benefit them.” They recommend,  “provide quality and informative content/information about your business or product for it helps attract new customers while strengthening the relationship you had with the existing ones. Blogs also make it possible for one to respond to audience questions, comments, and concerns online as well.”

2. Boosts Your SEO Efforts

Fresh content plays a significant role in search engine optimisation. This is because search engines are always on the hunt for fresh and relevant content.  Blogging thus helps quench the search engine’s thirst for new content, and also increases chances of your business being listed on the top pages of a search result. One, however, needs to understand how to use relevant keywords to be able to reach the target audience and customers with ease through the blogs.

3.    Improve Brand Awareness

Successful promotional campaigns are important for boosting your brand. Many businesses have been able to establish and grow their brands online through blogs. Start-ups and small businesses too can use this platform to create a following for themselves online. All that is required is to publish informative and relevant information about your products, company, and brand. Your brand starts to come alive as more and more people read your articles and connect with the business. Blogs also help create a business character and personality that customers can relate with.

4. Lead by Establishing Your Business

Internet marketing has made it possible for businesses (both small and big) to compete fairly. Small businesses can, therefore, use this platform to establish clout as well as build trust with their customers. The only trade-off here is the quality of content on your blogs and its relevance to the target audience. Blogging, therefore, gives small businesses a fairground to not only compete with already established companies but build a name/brand as well.  One thing you will also notice while blogging is that your content will evolve and become better over time. This thus means more leads and even higher conversions.

5. Create Opportunity to Share Content 

One of the main ideas behind starting a blog is to reach out to as many target audiences/customers as possible. Simply relying on search engine traffic isn’t enough to reach out to target audiences, which is where sharing comes in. You can share a link to your blogs on social media and other platforms, hence increase your visibility online. Allowing audiences to share your blogs and content also increases visibility and traffic online too.


Anyone looking to increase their online exposure and market their brand can take advantage of the power of blogging. All you need is a creative mind and be able to create engaging, informative, and correct content for your target audience. You could either do this yourself or have an expert do it for you, but at a fee.

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