Most avid travelers and wanderlusts have a few specific things they won’t leave home without, especially for a long journey. In the past, these items may have included a mini translation dictionary, a physical map, or other tangible items. However, in recent years, the majority of tools travelers are using are in the form of smartphone apps. Social travel apps are helping travelers plan trips and get around much easier which is changing the way people travel the world. The following are the most noteworthy travel apps responsible for morphing the globetrotter industry.

Ride Share App – Lyft & Uber

Ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber have been around for a few years now, but they are revolutionizing the way people get around while traveling. More and more cities are joining the ride-share economy making it super easy for users to request a ride and get picked up by a background-checked driver in minutes. Even rides to and from the airport have become a lot easier and the best part is that once the app is set up, you never have to reach for your wallet.

Lodging App – Airbnb

Speaking of the sharing economy, Airbnb offers travelers an alternative to hotels and hostels by providing short- and long-term lodging rentals all over the world. Similar to ride-share companies like Lyft and Uber, Airbnb runs on the concept that as a society, we don’t have to create more or build more in order to boost globalization and enhance travel. Instead, we can use and share what we already have.

Places App – Foursquare

As a tool for finding great places to eat all over the world, Foursquare has gained popularity and influenced the travel industry over the past few years. The app has a bit more swag than Open Table, allowing you to follow people whose taste in food you trust and view their tips and recommendations on what to order at each restaurant. Foursquare also lets you save your favorite food spots and tailors results to your unique palate.

Communication App – Whatsapp

Spotty wireless connections and insanely high phone bills are common themes for international travel. This can really put a damper on communications with people you love back home or those you plan to meet up with on your trip. Luckily, social apps like Whatsapp solve this problem. The app lets you message people, create group threads, and send photos from anywhere in the world without paying for any SMS or mobile fees.

Travel Journal App – Driftr

For those who want to connect with other wanderlusts, plan trips, log memories, and document their journey, Driftr is the perfect all-encompassing travel journal app. The app allows you to see what other travelers are up to, create a custom itinerary, track your experiences, and upload to social media all in one place. The multimedia platform keeps travelers connected to their following and other nomadic adventurers from anywhere in the world.

Traveling in the digital age looks a lot different than it did decades ago. Smartphone apps and online tools are helping first-time and seasoned travelers alike create simplified, yet enticing trips of their dreams. The process is easier than ever.

Postcard Apps – Postagram

Sending paper postcards while traveling may be a dying practice. However, Postagram allows you to take a picture on your smartphone, turn it into a personal postcard, and mail a paper copy to anyone anywhere in the world for under $2. You don’t even need to bring a stamp!

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