Technological progress is changing our everyday lives. This was already the case hundreds of years ago. The speed of this progress, however, was hardly as fast as it is today. In the last decade, smartphones in particular have enabled us from one day to the next to access the collective knowledge of humanity stored on the Internet from almost anywhere in the world.

In many respects, the principle of the smartphone is reminiscent of the well-known Swiss army knife. In addition to connecting to the Internet, playing music and videos, and of course the regular functions of a mobile phone, almost every smartphone has the ability to record photos and videos.

The quality of material recorded on smartphones has increased considerably in recent years. Video recordings of the latest models from well-known manufacturers are usually indistinguishable from those of regular video cameras. High-resolution video productions can now be produced by almost anyone who owns a smartphone. The first commercials and movies have already been produced exclusively with smartphones.

What consequences does this have for us? The fact that now everyone is able to record professional video material with their telephone and edit it on their PC at home or directly on their mobile phone leads to an increase in the production of content. This is usually uploaded in the social media. The masses of content produced in this way mean that high-quality video content has to be produced in order to stand out from the crowd. Especially for companies that depend on the successful distribution of their videos, this can be a problem.

Nevertheless, the technology of modern smartphones is one thing – their handling is another. Even though many people can now easily produce high-resolution and professional video material, this does not mean that the result is professional. Especially when it comes to sound, there are profound shortcomings. Those who rely on well-trained and professional filmmakers for their film production will remain one step ahead of the competition. For example, if you are looking for a professional cameraman in Frankfurt, or another German city, it is easy to find one. Well-trained and experienced production companies are usually extremely flexible and know what it takes to produce high-quality content for which a smartphone would not be sufficient.

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