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College dining halls have been known to be a cultural mix arena. It’s quite different from the lecture rooms and halls as students relish their various food delights while interacting with one another.

College dining halls are quite phenomenal, given that being of good and civilized culture while dining has been associated with class, royalty, and sophistication from past ages.

One could tell the future Presidents, members of Congress, and captains of industries simply from the just way they comport themselves while at the college dining tables. How does this sound?

You would want to be associated with class and superior charisma no doubt. Thus, this article will highlight the general rules/etiquettes that are expected of all diners in college dining halls.

The foundational rule that applies across the board is that you must treat your fellow diners and staff with decency and respect. That’s the only way you can be comfortable and enjoy your meals.

Let us explore some precise etiquettes as expected of you when you dine in college dining halls.

  1. Equipment bags, toolboxes, backpacks, and food/drink containers are not allowed into the dining halls. This ensures that the hall is not cluttered and all diners have free movement.
  2. An appropriate dressing code must be observed while dining.

Most colleges, including NYU, maintain that the right clothes and shoes are worn while in the dining halls.

It’s good enough to note that this policy is highly maintained in the NYU dining hall and those of other highly-rated colleges. It will be a pretty put-off to observe a student dining amid others while cloaked in sleepwear or swimwear.

  1. You cannot bring food and drinks from outside.

This rule applies not only in college dining halls but also in most other recreational and hospitality centers including restaurants, cafés, etc.

  1. You cannot take food or dishes away.

Sneaking dishes away is theft, of course. So definitely steer clear from doing this.

  1. You must abide by the cleanliness rules.

This won’t be a problem for any classy individual. You’re required to take your dishes to the return point as well as clean up your table. It’s also good practice to point out any spills to the dining hall staff before leaving.

  1. You should be orderly and systematic in your eating.

It will showcase you better if you eat with the appropriate cutlery as well as not discuss topics in between mouthfuls of food.

  1. Obey the meal plan rules.

Like in other colleges, meal plan rules are taken very seriously in the NYU dining hall. It is thus mandatory for all freshmen, transfers, and visiting students to have these plans in mind when dining. You must also possess your Student Housing ID to be able to use your meal plan.

With meal plans, NYU students can have access to the many dining halls on campus from as early as 7 am till midnight. These plans vary in options and prices for students in Brooklyn and those on Washington Square.

The attendant rules/etiquette that apply to each college can be found in the Dining Manuals and can also be explained during campus tours.

Campus Reel takes you through the typical buzz of college dining in New York University as far as how students roll in the famous Lipton Hall. Get a peep at what to anticipate when you gain admission or even come on a campus tour.

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