Today the phone is used for much more than just calls and text messages, today it is also used for playing games, taking notes, surfing the internet, banking, buying tickets and more, so you have unimaginable opportunities to create effective and mobile marketing. With mobile marketing, you get the ability to communicate spontaneously and measure directly the effects on your audience, you are not dependent on your prospects being in a certain place, at a certain time, or seeing a particular TV show at any given schedule.

As the number of smartphones in use has increased significantly over the last few years, the potential of mobile marketing has also increased. Today it’s all types of demographics using the devices, young as old, and not only do most people have a phone, they are accessing it pretty much all the time. This gives you new and unique opportunities to market your business, your products, services and services, as you can reach a great many leads.

Your visitors decide for themselves which companies and products they want to interact with on the phone, which is therefore generally a more positive attitude towards the marketing the consumer is exposed to via the mobile, rather than the consumer meetings in television and in Print media.

With mobile marketing, you get a unique tool to help segment your audience and use it as a media for marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific audience. Mobile marketing makes it easier to change your leads ‘ buying and consumer behavior.

So what is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a term that covers all forms of marketing that make use of smartphones or other mobile devices in its communication. For example, Be SMS contests, QR codes, mobile apps, special mobile ads via Adwords and of course mobile banner ads.

Mobile marketing is not meant to replace your current marketing efforts, in a cross-cutting manner, it should be seen as a supplement. According to App Samurai, it would offer app owners a competitive advantage to build a website for desktop and mobile devices to boost their apps as each of them contributes the total success.  Synergies can be achieved between the two forms of marketing by, for example, To make use of QR codes that the consumer can scan with his mobile, thus obtaining additional information about your business, or products via a mobile landing page on your mobile site.

With a QR code in the print media, you can also get people to go to your profiles on the different social media. This can be a big advantage as consumers tend to feel more comfortable and don’t see your inquiries as direct advertising.

A few rules to live by

If you are to achieve the full synergy effect and hence a better bottom line, there are few things that are important to keep in mind. Mobile marketing does not differ significantly from other ways of marketing.

You can measure your mobile marketing in the same way as other online marketing, but it’s important when you want to take advantage of mobile marketing to make sure your landing pages, mobile sites and more are optimized for smartphones and devices your audiences otherwise using.

This can be done either by getting programmed your solutions with responsive design or creating special smartphone design solutions that appear.

With a website and a landing page that is optimized for smartphones, you will find that the respondent who scans a QR code, or browses the web via its mobile, is much more inclined to do what you want the person to do. So with mobile marketing, there is a greater chance of call to action, which ultimately gives you the optimum ROI.


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