Medical casters are specially designed to meet the requirements of the hospital, such as light operation, flexible turning, large elasticity, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti winding, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is mainly divided into light caster, metal bracket caster, all plastic bracket caster, medical double wheel caster and central control caster. Medical cover laminated brake caster can meet all kinds of medical, environmental requirements.

Nowadays, several materials are commonly used for machining the medical caster wheels.

Polypropylene (PP): This is a synthetic resin material with light thermal plasticity, strong heat resistance, transparency and chemical resistance (especially for the acid environment), and it’s easy to manufacture. It is suitable for the environment of – 15-80 ℃, with strong chemical resistance, but poor wear-resistant, anti-seismic and mute effect. You might need to pay attention that this material is lack of ground protection.

Polyurethane (PU): PU is a kind of elastomer between plastic and rubber. Its excellent comprehensive properties are not possessed by ordinary plastic and rubber. It has excellent performance of oil resistance, wear resistance, radiation resistance, high load, and shock absorption. This type of material is suitable for – 35-80 ℃, with excellent ground protection, quiet performance, shock resistance, wear resistance as well as chemical resistance.

Nylon: It can be divided into three segmented categories.

YUPA is modified nylon. It is formed by combining the raw materials flowing into the metal like a casting. As a highly functional material instead of metal, it can be widely used in all walks of life. As an engineering plastic, it has been highly evaluated. It has better wear resistance than PP, suitable for – 15-80 ℃, with reduced ground protection, mute performance, shockproof performance, medium wear resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

PA is a plastic made of polyamide resin. It has high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, strong absorption capacity for impact and stress operation, and much higher impact strength than general plastics. It is wear-resistant, resistant to alkali and most salt, resistant to weak acid, engine oil, hard hydrocarbon compounds and general solvents, inert to aromatic compounds, but not immune to strong acid and chlorinating agent. It features self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, good antibacterial and mildew resistance. It is suitable for – 35-80 ℃, with inadequate ground protection, mute performance, shockproof performance, excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance.

PAh is high-temperature resistant nylon. Glass fiber is mainly added in nylon to make it resistant to the maximum temperature of 260 ℃. It is applicable to – 10-260 ℃, with poor ground protection, mute performance, shockproof performance, excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance.

Rubber: it is the last main material. Similarly, it can be divided into four sub materials:

TPR is an artificial rubber, which has the same properties as natural rubber. UV resistance and polychlorinated resistance, quiet operation, no-noise interference. It can achieve a calm effect. The product also has the advantages of non-toxic, pollution-free, and recyclable secondary processing. It is suitable for – 35-80 ℃, with outstanding ground protection, mute performance, shock resistance, rather good wear resistance and chemical resistance.

ER, HR and SR are natural high elastic rubber, soft rubber and hard rubber, respectively. They are used in a variety of industries; the surface hardness is low but full of flexibility. According to the requirements, the buffering place is the most suitable to apply it. It can also walk stably on the uneven road surface. The appearance is mainly black. Recently, other colors (such as gray, brown, etc.) are also used. There is no problem with using them inside and outside the house. It’s suitable for – 48-80 ℃, ground protection, quiet performance, shock resistance, good wear resistance, medium chemical resistance.

SUPO is now mastering the technology of best medical caster manufacturing. Their products are ranging from the metal caster, anti-corrosion caster, precision bearing caster to two grades central lock caster, etc. According to the different materials we have mentioned above, you can choose any swivel medical caster in need in SUPO, based on their unique features.

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