We all know about TikTok, the world famous short video platform, known for its creative 15 second videos. But what you might not know is that there is more to the app than what meets the eye. TikTok today has over 200 million users on its platform from all over India. These users are based in metros, upcoming cities and even in the most remote corners of the country.

The platform has been able to connect today’s millennials and build a positive community that enables them to thrive. To leverage TikTok’s far reaching and growing community, the Central Government-run National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) teamed up with TikTok, to further skill development amongst the youth and to educate them of various vocational training opportunities. This collaboration also marked World Youth Skill Day 2019.

As part of the collaboration, NSDC launched its official TikTok account and is leveraging the platform to educate over 200 million Indian TikTok users about the Central Government-run skill development programmes through an in-app campaign called #Skills4All. This includes a large number of first-time internet users in the country.

Skill India has on its TikTok profile has also shared educational videos on how you can enhance your skills through the Central Government’s Skill India programme. Some of the videos also show inspirational stories on how people from economically weaker sections of society have become successful and made it big.

TikTok is a platform that celebrates trends, encourages creativity and embraces diversity, thus being the ideal launchpad for such initiatives to connect to India’s digital-savvy youth across multiple languages. Given the popularity of short videos NSDC hopes to harness the potential of TikTok to motivate the youth to join Skill India mission.

Since its launch, the hashtag, #Skills4All has already garnered over 449.9 million views with some of the most popular TikTok creators sharing their skill-based videos on TikTok. Here are some of them:

English Vinglish

Why pay money when Geet can help you out? @englishwithgeet is a popular TikTok channel that teaches you the basics of the language. Geet first explains the words in Hindi, and then the English meaning of the same. She also explains common mistakes such as the difference between ‘Take Off’ and ‘Take On’. You can watch her videos here.

The artist is in the house

Another TikTok user Ani Vinay (@avivinay), who is an artist, shares his videos of him drawing caricatures. Vinay seems supremely talented and has the chance of making it into any animation house if he tried. Look at his work here.

Hats anyone?

Finally, don’t miss out on this TikTok video by Nikhil Ajani, which is been fast-forwarded into a quick 30-second sequence where he is seen making a hat. Watch that video here

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