In digital marketing, world lead magnets to attract more customers by giving them free subscriptions, samples, and consultations. The term lead magnet refers to the guide where the user provides personal information to access unavailable content. Facebook is one of the leading platforms for a lead magnet that uses the contact information to grade up the sales funnel. Content viewing can also be in the form of a quiz or survey where an email address is required.

Listed below are a few points that explain how Facebook can build and encourage an irresistible lead magnet.


  • Make Use Of Facebook Banner


Set an appealing banner for your audience. It can increase your conversion rates. The cover image is an easy way of lead-heavy lifting. Your aesthetic sense matters a lot when it comes to transforming your visual content into an alluring lead-attraction tool.  There are many options to design your banner and cover. High-resolution pictures are crisp and need no cropping. You also have a choice of the slideshow on the cover page; you can use it as a storytelling tool. For digital marketing, you can also hyperlink your pictures. They become more powerful. You can also use the lead magnet creator to get maximum page visits and maintain a safe position on the social media list. For your convenience, use the lead magnet creator to amplify your current lead count.


  • Promote Your CTA Button 


CTA button promotion can amplify your reach to a much greater extent. This option is not free on Facebook, and you have to pay for it. It falls in the Facebook Ad category. Creating and starting this button is quite easy. On the tab’s list on the left of your page, click ‘Promote.’ From the drop-down menu, select ‘Get More Subscribers.’ The options get directly linked to the CTA button. You have the choice to type the headline and add a picture to it. The image’s size varies slightly from the cover image, goes through the editing step, and Facebook will upload it. Choose your target audience, budget, and campaign duration. It also opens the possibility to upload the same Ad on Instagram.  When you finish with the entire steps, click ‘Promote.’ 


  • Focus On Lead Generation Posts


While posting on Facebook, stay clear about promotional and non-promotional content. Update these regularly to get noticed. Facebook gives you options to post your content in different forms. It can be an image, a text, a video, and a slideshow. Lead generation posts should look unique to attract maximum traffic. To generate leads, keep your landing page title and metadata updated. Create clickable links in the status book and reduce the URL’s size by using a URL shortener to make it look tidy. To maximize the reach of your videos, upload a file directly from your computer. External links of videos are less likely to get the views and attention of users. Add subtitles to your videos; this is a very convenient option for non-native speakers.


  • Pin Your Posts


By pinning your posts, you will be able to keep your lead generation posts visible for a long time. Go to the postings and select from the three dots drop-down option. Click ‘Pin to top of page’ and get your posts pinned.


  • For Subscriptions Use Facebook Live


Frequently go live on Facebook to increase your credibility and share your knowledge with the world. Prepare well, and focus on your lead magnet topic, do not drag the matter unnecessarily. Update a status before the live video so that your audience tunes in on time. It is also a perfect way of telling your audience that they matter. You can use your phone and laptop to go live. Facebook live gives you the option to add filters, customize your audience, and choose a location.


  • Try Facebook Ad Promos


Facebook ad promos can catch the attention of users around the world in seconds. It needs well-designed, well-targeted ads to make a substantial impact on Facebook users.  Users do not heed to the ads if it lacks sales funnel content. Another way of creating Facebook ads is by using Facebook Lead Ad. To boost your page, try running lead generation campaigns. The scope of these campaigns is seamlessly quick. To add lead ads to your page, you have to connect to your CRM. Pick a picture or video for your commercial and then get to the next steps of ad making. On the access, the manager tab chooses lead generation as your campaign objective. Decide a name for your campaign and create your AD Set after accepting the ToS of Facebook. Other details like audience, budget, and campaign schedule are also a part of this section. Select a format and upload your ad; it can be a video or image.

Final Words

Facebook encourages brands and other services to make a profit by generating traffic on their page and initiating magnetic leads. Users have to provide their email ID and some personal information to access certain content. With billions of users on the go, Facebook helps people reach the maximum audience and get a reasonable amount of page viewership. Facebook live, cover image, CTA button, and other options can help you build an overwhelming amount of lead magnet.

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