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People who are not familiar with the new iPhone 11 Pro can easily compare it with the iPhone XS. The similarity of these two Apple phones in terms of physical appearance is so obvious that they are always mistaken to be the same phone. But if you check the two phones carefully in terms of its features, you will see a big difference. They are not the same in a lot of ways. 

One obvious difference is how Apple changes the dynamics of the camera and the photography features of the new iPhone 11 Pro. Furthermore, there are also other new and simple features that Apple put on the new phone the iPhone X does not have. To summarise, we have listed the difference between the camera features of the two phones below.

The Night Mode Features 

The night mode feature of the new iPhone 11 Pro can fuse photos to help in reducing the image blurriness. This means that it produces more bright images when used in low-light conditions. This is completely different from the iPhone X’s and other iPhones in general where the cameras tend to perform with low-quality especially with low-light photography.

Ultra-Wide Angle Camera

The newest iPhone 11 Pro comes with a 3 camera setup that offers new and amazing features to the users. This is basically the easiest to spot the big difference between the iPhone X’s and the iPhone 11 pro. The newest version of this camera comes with a  13mm ultra-wide lens which means new special photography features can be used by the users specifically on shooting or doing videos. This feature is obviously absent in the old iPhone X’s.  

Portrait Mode Feature 

The Portrait mode of the new iPhone 11 Pro comes with a new High Key Mono Feature which enables the phone to reproduce a black and white studio image that is taken against the white background of the photo. The new iPhone 11 Pro camera also lets you take photos at a much wider 1x or 2x angle.

Smart HDR Feature

The new iPhone 11 Pro comes with a new and much-improved Smart HDR feature which will allow the users to captures a more natural photo. Unlike the iPhone X’s where it shoots all its photos using Smart  HDR, the new iPhone 11 Pro shoots using three different modes of operation. They are the Smart HDR, the night-mode feature, and the soon to be released Deep Fusion feature. 

Selfie Camera at the Back

The new iPhone 11 Pro is the only iPhone that has a selfie camera at the front and backside of the phone. The twin cameras come with a 12-megapixel sensor and can record in slow motion and 4K video. This will enable the user to take much sharper and better photos and videos compared to the iPhone X’s. 


The new iPhone 11 Pro differ in so many ways to the iPhone X’s. Apple made sure that we, the iPhone users can recognize the difference of the new phone in terms of its camera feature. If you are planning to buy the new iPhone 11 Pro, it is highly recommendable. Apple made sure that the user will be satisfied with the new features it offers. If you have any issues and problems with your new iPhone, feel free to contact Computer Repairs Brisbane to assist and help you. We have the best iPhone certified technicians to solve and offer solutions to your iPhone problems including helping set up your computer to your new phone.  We service the Brisbane Area but we also have a Branch in the Sunshine Coast Area who do Computer Repairs but they don’t have a phone technician who can help with these types of transfers.  Our Brisbane Store can also offer our service remotely even if you live up at the sunshine coast where we can access your computer remotely as long as the phone is plugged in, we don’t even have to be with you and can offer you the exact same type of service as someone that was located in Brisbane.

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