Meaning of a mammogram?

It is an X-ray scan of the breast. Mammograms are used by doctors in Idaho mammography screening to detect breast cancer. Mammograms are the most efficient screening tool available to clinicians for early diagnosis of breast cancer, which can occur up to three years prior.

What exactly is a mammogram and how does it work?

You will be invited to stand before x-ray equipment to be examined. Your breasts will be placed on a plate made of plastic by your technician. She’ll then press down firmly on that breast with another plate. The breasts will be compressed by these plastic plates to hold them stable during the x-ray. You will be put under some stress. Repeat the processes to have a picture of the other side of the breast. They’ll take an X-ray of the other breast in the same manner later. You’ll have to wait for the technician of mammography screening to go over all four x-rays to make sure none of them need to be retaken. Remember that the technologist cannot share the results of her mammography with you. Because no two women have the same breasts, each woman’s mammography may differ slightly.

What is the experience of having a mammogram in Idaho like?

A mammography is an unpleasant experience for the majority of women. Some women find it distressing. On the other hand, Mammography takes a few minutes, and the discomfort dissipates quickly. The technologist’s competence, the size of your breasts, and the amount of pressure that must be given to them all influence how you feel. If you’re having or about to have your period, your breasts may be sorer. A radiologist, a clinician with specific experience in this subject, will analyze the mammogram. The x-ray will be examined by that professional for early symptoms of breast cancer or other concerns.

Here are some pointers to remember when getting a mammogram.

  • Avoid getting a mammography a whole week before or during your menstruation if at all feasible. During this time, the breasts may be painful or puffy.
  • Use of talc, perfume, or scents is prohibited on the mammography exam On a scan, these chemicals may look like white spots. 
  • Do not wear a dress on the exam day instead wear a skirt, blouse or a trouser. To have your mammogram, you will need to remove the upper body clothes.

When do the reports come?

You should get your mammogram findings within a few weeks, depending on what type of mammography you had. The mammography will be read by a radiologist, and the findings will be communicated to you and your surgeon. The institution where you got your mammogram will inform you ahead of time if there is any reason to be concerned. If you do not get a report with the results within 30 days of the test, contact your health care practitioner or the hospital where you had your mammogram.

What if the mammogram shows something unusual?

Abnormal mammography does not always indicate the presence of malignancy. Additional mammograms, tests, or exams will be required before your doctor can be specific. It’s also possible that you’ll be recommended to a breast oncologist or specialist. This does not always mean you have malignancy or that you will need surgery. When it comes to detecting breast problems, these doctors are experts. Doctors will perform follow-up testing to see if there is any malignancy in the breast.

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