If you are looking for good e-liquids, you can quickly find yourself in dead ends or huge labyrinths: Either you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you find far too many products that match your personal preferences. Therefore, it might be a good idea to have a look at the best manufacturers and products so that the search for the desired liquid is easier and faster.

When searching for the best products and manufacturers, the question always arises where exactly to look for them. Different testers and websites also have different results in the bestseller lists for e-liquids due to their different user base. Therefore it is only recommended to always consider different rankings during the search and to compare the best rated results of these rankings with each other at the end.

In this context one should also consider that there are also liquids with nicotine content. For these there are legal regulations, which a manufacturer has to adhere to, but does not always do. Therefore, every liquid that serves the personal preferences should still be paid attention to how high the proportions of the respective ingredients and additives are. Because a non-observance of the different ingredients can also have health consequences. Also a too high strength of the liquid can irritate the neck and cause a houstreiz.

How to choose the power of the liquid?

Liquide power is the concentration of nicotine in a liquid, e.g. 3, 6 or 9 – these digits denote nicotine content expressed in milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of liquid, which is written in the unit mg/ml.

If you don’t smoke, choose a smoke-free or very low nicotine liquid. The best liquid for a smoker of classic cigarettes is chosen according to which cigarettes he smoked.

If you have smoked red (the strongest) cigarettes, choose a liquid with a power ranging from 14 mg/ml to 18 mg/ml,

if you have smoked blue (medium power) cigarettes, the best liquid for you has a power from 9 mg/ml to 12 mg/ml,

if you have smoked weak light cigarettes, buy a liquid from 3 mg/ml to 6 mg/ml,

if you have smoked very weak Super Light cigarettes, choose a liquid with a power ranging from 0 mg/ml to 3 mg/ml.

When you buy your first e-cigarette liquid, choose a weaker liquid from the above range. Why? Because a mist from an electronic cigarette is something new for your body and everyone can react differently to it. Too strong liquid can cause irritation of the throat, and sometimes even coughing.

The advantage of the great variety of E-Liquids is the amount of different flavours and tastes. These are one of the main reasons for the success of E-Liquids. Here, too, it is important to take a close look at the flavour additives in order not to run the risk of choosing a flavour that contains flavours that do not correspond to individual preferences.

Liquid Paradise offers a clear and appealing list of different types of liquids. There you can find the best liquid at the best price in the shortest time by the detailed categorization.

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