Customization means setting something up for the needs of a particular user. Most often, the word is used to denote the change in the appearance of something. There may be two end goals for customization. More often, tuning is carried out to improve the aesthetic appearance of things. However, there is also customization, aimed at improving any technical characteristics of the device. This is what will be discussed – customization of flash drives. What is it and how to do it?

How to create custom flash drives

In a customized flash drive, the main thing is the design and its features. Therefore, manufacturers pay great attention to it. However, you must first make the basis for the device.

At the first stage, factory employees place plates made of PCB in special cassettes. Then they are applied to the solder paste, with which chips and other elements will be fixed later. After applying the solder paste, future flash drives undergo an optical inspection procedure, during which the automatic device checks the quality of the equipment at the previous production stage. The next stage is the placement of chips. To do this, they use a special machine that works at great speed. Then the flash drives are sent to another unit, where USB connectors are mounted on the plates. It is noteworthy that all the machines and units are able to manufacture several models of flash drives; the engineer only needs to set the necessary program. After installing the chips and connectors, the plates are fed into the special furnace, where all the elements are soldered.

The next step in creating drives is AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), where the next check of plates for defects is carried out. After the AOI, the plates are cut and the flash drives acquire their “almost final” look. Now they need to be placed in the hull of various shapes and sizes. However, before this, a drive must pass another set of tests – this time for reading/writing information speed and quality.

Finally, the last stage – the creation of the original case. For this, designers create high-grade sketches, after which they are realized to the smallest detail, including logo. It is necessary to choose the material of the case – it can be plastic, rubber, wood, stone (including precious stones).

Materials and additional features of the custom flash drives

Carbines, chains, laces are an important part of the design, as it also affects the functionality and beauty of the device. The bracket for attaching the lace to the flash drive, as well as the lace itself, surprise no one already. This system appeared a long time ago and was quite widespread. You can rarely meet a person wearing a flash drive around his or her neck, however, such a solution does not interfere with the user, and sometimes it can be useful, as well as carbines and chains, which are becoming more common today. Thanks to the small carbines and chains, you can attach a flash drive to your mobile phone or jeans to carry along.

Manufacturers do not forget about protection: they willingly supply modern flash drives with protection systems from the external environment, and they work quite well in real life. The most popular material for extreme flash drives is rubber because it provides the most types of protection at once. Due to the tight fit of rubber to the USB connector and the case (also made of rubber), moisture and dust practically do not penetrate inside, and the case made of rubber has a high impact resistance. But the resistance to fracture in such a flash drive is low. Anyway, the option is useful: even after dropping a flash drive in a puddle or from a great height, you can be sure about the safety of the data. Such decisions are especially popular with fans of extreme relaxation. Even on an ordinary vacation, the functionality of such protection will not be superfluous.

Today in the workshops, they create flash drives for every taste – you can be convinced of this by watching our products’ hit parade on the site here.

The most unusual flash drives

Millions, if not billions, of flash drives, of all sorts of colors and shapes, are produced in the world today. Let’s look at what the visionary designers presented us from unusual things.

  1. iDuck

USB duck from the Japanese company Solid Alliance closes our top ten. Six different colors, lighting, and funny appearance explain the high popularity of this option in the Japanese.

  1. A bottle of sake

In our symbolic hit parade, a flash drive in the form of a bottle of Japanese vodka takes the ninth place.

  1. Sushi

Since we have sake, we need something to eat! Sushi suits perfectly. Inedible, unfortunately, but eye-pleasing, no doubt.

  1. Mikan Seijin

Literally from Japanese, this magic phrase is translated as “Mandarin-alien”. This is a popular Japanese show.

  1. Big Tiki Drive

This idol swears he flew to us from Hawaii. It is really big – 4 inches. But since it is an idol, it will protect your data from viruses with the help of ‘spells’ and ‘dances’.

  1. Pendant

Flash drive in the form of a beautiful pendant is not only functional, but also beautiful. This product will decorate any outfit – looks great, so the place is fifth.

  1. iDisk

This miniature device is striking even with instructions. It says that the device is so small that it fits even in your ear. Making such a small drive is cool enough to take fourth place in our charts.

  1. USB Shrimp

We ask ourselves the question – who may need to have a shrimp sticking out of own computer? After all, plugging in another USB spaghetti on a USB plate will make a wonderful set. We give a bronze medal for the idea.

  1. “Cut off” finger

It looks like a real finger sticking out of your laptop, so you probably shouldn’t give it as a present to your grandmother or a boss. Silver medal and our admiration for the realistic work!

  1. Barbie

And the winner is… Famous Barbie doll! But not because of her external data. Just in order to plug such a USB flash drive into a computer, you will have to take the doll’s head off. After using the flash drive, you may put the head back on again (but not necessarily). Many people will not understand that it’s not a Barbie in your pocket, but a real USB-drive. True, it still looks a bit strange and odd but deserves the gold medal!

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