With your Social Security case, you should first consider the expenses and advantages of enlisting the services of a phoenix disability attorney. In most cases, you won’t have to spend more than $6,000 for legal representation. If you win your case, you’ll only be charged a fee if you pay a fee.

It’s worth looking through the advantages of hiring a disability lawyer in more depth. An attorney should be engaged at a certain point in the process.


  • Why Hire A Phoenix Disability Lawyer?


You will need the services of an attorney to receive the disability payments you are entitled to. The government has approved individuals who apply for benefits on their own in some instances. Still, the figures show that those who have legal assistance have a higher probability of receiving the benefits to which they are entitled.

Disability attorneys understand how to present their clients’ cases in the most favourable light possible. In certain instances, a lawyer may advise you on the “onset date” of your handicap, aid you in selecting the evidence that will be most persuasive to Social Security, and assist you in demonstrating that your condition is one of the specific impairments listed in Social Security’s “blue book.” 

During the hearing at the first and second levels of appeal in most states, your attorney will gather and submit pertinent medical evidence, obtain an opinion from your doctor, compose a thorough brief for submission to the Administrative Law Judge, and prepare you again for the judge’s questions during the hearing at those levels of appeal. You may be required to cross-examine a vocational expert or a medical expert during the hearing to demonstrate that you cannot work in your current position.

Your attorney may be able to offer strong arguments in front of the Appeals Board and the United States Supreme Court to demonstrate that Social Security made a mistake in rejecting your claim.


  • Do We Need A Phoenix Disability Attorney?


According to conventional wisdom, “the sooner, the better.” Consult with a health attorney if you have even the slightest inkling that you could be eligible for disability compensation. When it comes to the first application and review of your case strength, it is in your best interests to have an attorney help you. While it is feasible to complete this stage without the assistance of an attorney, your chances of getting approved are much higher if you do. Because Social Security has made only a tiny number of retroactive payments in the past, a client-approved at the initial application level may only be needed to pay a minor attorney’s fee.

Following a first denial, people who had an attorney aid them with their initial application should have little trouble finding counsel following a second refusal. An experienced disability attorney may be able to speed your case through the system if your medical condition is life-threatening or your financial situation is very precarious. It is possible to get benefits without going through a formal hearing process by obtaining a court decision that is “on the record” (OTR).

Even if a lawyer’s attempts to expedite a case are unsuccessful, it is essential to remember that most claimants, even those legal counsel represents, may have to wait months or even years before their issue is eventually resolved.


If you’ve already applied for State Pensions and are waiting for a response, you may want to avoid contacting a lawyer. There’s little value in promising to pay a lawyer 25 percent of your past-due payments until you obtain a refusal since your attorney can’t do anything at this stage. In almost every other case, having an experienced attorney on your side outweighs the expense.

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