The real estate market is pumping, and with property prices as high as they are now, you can pick up top dollar for your house. However, this does mean that you’re competing with a high volume of other sellers, so now’s the time to make sure that your home stands out from the competition. If you’re looking to get the best price, here are six simple tweaks you can make to bump up your property’s value:

A Water Filtration System

Installing a filtered water solution is a great way to boost your home’s value and give it an edge over others on the market. Not only does filtered water taste and smell better, it’s also beneficial for your health. While we’re lucky to live in a country with safe water, tap water still contains chlorine and other contaminants that aren’t ideal for consumption. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a whole house or under sink filter to guarantee pure, fresh water.

Strong Security

When looking for a new home, the safety of your family is critical. Prospective buyers will be happy to spend a little bit more if they feel as though the house they have their eye on delivers a secure environment. Strong window locks, security screen doors, and motion-detecting exterior lighting are a good start, but if you want to go the extra mile, consider installing a hardwired home security system and surveillance cameras. The savings that you (and the new homeowner) will receive on home insurance is an added bonus.

Window Coverings

Windows cover a significant amount of wall space, so dated or discolored window coverings can drag down a whole room. If you have blinds, you might be able to raise them up for inspections so that they’re unobtrusive. However, if you replace them, this is one less item on buyer’s to-do list and can be as simple as installing a cost-effective white roller blind, which can change the look of the entire space.


If you’re getting ready to sell, decluttering has two advantages. Firstly, it helps people visualize their own furniture and memorabilia in the house. Even though you’re attached to your family photos and glass owl collection, these items can be hugely distracting for a potential buyer. Secondly, decluttering gives you a jump start on packing – once the paperwork is signed, your settlement date is sure to creep up quicker than you expect! Having made a start will make the transition easier, and more importantly, ensure a faster sale at a higher price.

Freshen up the Façade

Repainting your home is an old favorite but to take it up a notch, consider new window architraves, decorative trims, and window canopies. As long as you choose items that match the style of the house, you can take your façade from uninspiring to welcoming with a weekend’s work. Most local hardware stores stock a treasure trove of precut wooden trims that are sure to spruce up your home.

New Fixtures

Have a look at your house with fresh eyes. Are the light switches yellowing with age? Do the kitchen handles look like you’ve plucked them out of your grandma’s house? Is there a broken front porch light? Now’s the perfect time to update. Most fixtures can be switched out at minimal cost, are easy to install and have an immediate impact on how polished your house appears.

While you may be impatient to get your house on the market, a few simple tweaks will make a massive difference and pay off when the offers start rolling in. Time to get to work!

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