If you’re preparing for your breast augmentation procedure, no doubt your doctor has already given you the heads up about what to expect in your recovery period. Healthy eating/drinking and getting plenty of rest are essential to a smooth recovery, but what about prepping the home for this period?

Let’s take a look at some of the essentials of preparing your home when recovering from breast augmentation surgery!

  • Make your space as cozy as possible!

In the first few days post-breast augmentation, you want to make sure you’re as cozy as possible at all times. You want to create a space that:

  • Is free flowing & won’t inhibit your movement in any way.
  • Allows you to easily move your legs.
  • Won’t allow you to roll onto your chest when you go to sleep.
  • Doesn’t require too much arm usage.

It’s important to sleep and rest on your back with your shoulders and head elevated for a few weeks after your breast augmentation. This avoids the risk of straining your incisions or squashing your breast implants whilst easing the pressure of post-surgery swelling.

Probably, the best place to sleep post-surgery is on your sofa, with plenty of pillows in-place to prop up your shoulders, arms, back and head. Ensure you have a table properly set up nearby with all your essentials: devices, food, water etc. – this will reduce the need to get up and move around when you need to be chilling!

This being said, it’s important to get up and move around to reduce stiffness and risk of blood clotting, so be sure to clear out the space so that you can move freely when necessary!

  • Prep your meals pre-surgery (or have a friend cook for you!)

Sure, cooking can be great fun. But, when you’re meant to be resting, cooking is the last thing you want to do! So, ensure that you have prepped healthy meals ahead of your surgery (think plenty of veggies, whole grains, fruits, lean protein etc.) that you can easily heat up when you need them.

Otherwise, you can ask a friend or loved one to cook for you in the immediate days after your surgery. You will have to ask a loved-one to take you home from the clinic anyway – so you could also ask if you could enlist their culinary skills whilst you need to be relaxing!

  • Place necessary items where you can easily grab them

You don’t want to be straining your incisions, so alleviate any risk that this might happen by placing necessary items right where you can grab them when you need to grab them.

Make essentials easy to grab: things like toothbrushes, glasses, dishes, food, gadgets etc. should be readily placed around waist height so that you don’t run the risk of straining your incisions.

For things that don’t necessarily sit on a countertop, find ways to grab them with ease i.e. placing your shoes on an old chair or acquiring a claw grabber for picking up rubbish, floor items etc.

  • Pick up the right bras

You really don’t want uncomfortable bras in this period: you will, however, need to wear soft, supporting bras for several weeks. If you are unsure of which bras to buy for your post-surgery recovery period – speak to your surgeon – they will be able to help you with sizing and which materials, styles etc. are the best for the recovery period.

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