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Classics are always fascinating. Our forefathers have been studying stars, weathers and environments. Most of us are still interested in knowing the reality for these things.

Flowers is one of the best gift from nature and since ages man has been using it for depicting emotions. Now people just use them for decorating their houses and dresses. Still if we will be aware about the history and essence of flowers we will cherish this beauty even more.

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What is flower language: 

In earlier times people believed that every flower or plant signifies some meaning. For instance our ancestors assumed that the “money plant” symbolizes wealth. When some people would grow money plant in their house and it grows quite well then, it was taken as a good omen.

Although this is all philosophical but somehow it effects our attitudes.  Not only this for cryptological communication arrangements of flowers and plants were used quite often in early 1500 A.D. the Victorian Era’s interests in flowers is because of the influence of ottoman empires who used decorate their Harems according to the tradition and the days.

In England, floriography was introduced by Mary Wortley Montague and Aubry De la. In 18th century this knowledge was widely accepted in US as well. Although a number of people took it for granted but florists earned a great deal from these. Artists painted flowers and plants in ways that were describing the beliefs about cryptology communications.

In arts and literature 

William words worth’s poetry and Shakespeare’s prose is full of flower langauge. Shakespeare has used this technique for more than 900 times. The famous short story by Francis Tyler “little willow” is a living example of how artists and writers used flower language to describe emotions of the society.

In poetry and prose, flowers usually describe happiness, creativity, spring and beauty. Different writers have utilized colors of flowers for different feelings. For instance chrysanthemum in Steinbach’s work defines femininity.

Most people think that paintings does not deliver any message. I was one of them. Now I know that flowers and plants does speak a langauge. Painters try to convey their message through the language of these beautiful flowers. Their shades and arrangements are trying o say something. Those who are aware with this can easily enjoy the master pieces.

Artist Whitney lynn has recently painted at San Diego airport. He used floral language to communicate some deep meanings and hidden realities.

This is how flowers are making our lives wonderful. Everything around us is working in its own way but the purpose of each of them is to make our lives beautiful. This is why we have to look closer at each and everything around us if we really want to enjoy our lives to its fullest.

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