There’s nothing better than the sights and sounds of your children playing on the lawn. The exercise, happiness, and memories are all priceless for your family. However, not all lawns are kid-friendly. Some lawns are uncomfortable to play in, while others can be unsafe. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make it easier for your kids to play on the lawn: lawn mowing services Jacksonville FL

#1 Create a Play Space

You’ve just finished grooming your lawn. You come inside the house for a break when you hear a familiar noise. It’s your kids. They’re having a good time roughhousing on the lawn. Whileyou’re unhappy to see your hard work in danger, you recognize the importance of outdoor activities for children. 

A good compromise is to designate a play area. You can section off a part of your yard with a pathway or fence where your kids can play without harming your garden or seating space. In this area, you can set up a slide, swing, or other outdoor activities for your young ones. 

#2 Water Your Lawn Regularly

It’s important to water your lawn regularly to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Studies suggest that simply looking at a vibrant green lawn can be beneficial. A healthy lawn will also clean the air by releasing oxygen and trapping dust and carbon dioxide. 

A well-watered lawn is also good for the soil structure. It makes it lose and soft enough to walk on. There’s nothing like the pleasure of being barefoot on healthy grass. Your children will enjoy it too. 

It’s important to water your lawn correctly. If you don’t water enough, or water too much, you may damage the grass. Usually, the best time to water is early in the day, when the sun isn’t shining, and the air is cooler. 

Admittedly, watering regularly can be a tedious activity. Especially when you have other time-consuming responsibilities, like taking care of your family. If you want to stop worrying about watering your lawn – then you can try purchasing an automatic sprinkler system. These are available at different price points, depending on your needs. 

It’s advisable to choose a trusted and experienced contractor to install your system. Remember to find a friendly one that offers excellent customer service. They’ll answer all your questions and shall help you with any concerns later.

#3 Remove Weeds Regularly

It can be annoying for any member of your family to walk into weeds. Especially because some weeds and plants can be harmful, like Poison Ivy or noxious weeds. Dispose of them quicklyfor everyone’s safety. 

#4 Get Rid of Pests

It’s important to mow your lawn regularly. Longer grass can attract harmful insects. Certain bugs, like ticks, can be especially dangerous. You can also spray your lawn with some plant-based formulas that repel bugs but are safe around children and pets.

These are some of the ways you can keep your lawn safe for your kids. With just a little effort, you can ensure that your children have pleasant memories on a beautiful lawn. And if some of these steps seem overwhelming, remember to turn to a professional for help. 

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