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Your bridesmaid will be the ladies who are standing by your side on one of the most memorable days of your life. It is just right that you want them to look as beautiful as you are at your wedding. Even if you’ll have the last say on their outfit, choosing appropriate bridal party dresses can be as tough as finding a wedding dress. To simplify this pursuit and make it one less of our worry, consider this guide to make the right choice.

Take Note of What’s Allowed and Not Allowed

Normally, you’d ask the ladies which colour or style they prefer for their respective dresses. But you can go out of the box and ask which designs they’re not comfortable wearing. It’s a lot simpler since it’s easier to say the no-no outfits. For so many years of being creative with various trends and shades during shopping activities, they can quickly pinpoint which cut didn’t go so well. This off-limits list will thin down your overwhelming options.

Go Through the Choices

After you’ve finalised how many bridal party-dresses you’re after, you can begin matching it with the available options. If you see some women who may have tricky requests, such as your cousin saying she hates strapless while your best friend finds it the most flattering for her body, you can be creative and meet halfway.

Nowadays, mismatched or colour-coordinated is popular in various styles, even at weddings. You can try to pick a uniform colour for the women and allow them to come up with their dresses’ designs. This way, the bridal party still appears coordinated but are wearing unique shapes and styles.

On the other hand, brides who think outside the box would simply pick a colour palette and let the ladies wear dresses in different hues and styles, provided that the shades are within the provided colour scheme. Such a theme looks exciting and stunning when you see the entire bridal party in person and in pictures.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting uniformity in your wedding entourage. This is your special day, after all. Consistency among the dress is possible but try to vary the silhouettes for every dress. Nothing beats the classic design of sweetheart form and has it done in either full-length or knee-length dress, depending on the occasion type–formal or semi-formal.

Let Them Try the Dress

Wardrobe malfunction during the wedding day, regardless if it’s the bride or the bridesmaid, is a horrible incident. As much as you’d want it a memorable day for people in attendance, you can’t take away the memory of a nip slip or torn sleeves that occurred on that day.

When picking the dresses, let them try them and give them some time to move around and be comfortable wearing them. Allow them to sit, bend, jump or run in the shop, so ensure that every stitch and seam is sewn correctly. If you find a couple of them pulling it up or down or having difficulties moving, perhaps you can move on to a more comfortable design. The idea here is to allow these ladies to look good but can move freely too.

A wedding day is one of the memorable days of your life. You’re going to want it to be the best, from your dress, the groom’s suit, your parents’ hair, and makeup and most importantly your entourage. Don’t stress about the contrasting opinions and preferences; you can be creative and compromise. There’s no right or wrong style in dress, but there’s one general rule to follow: It has to be comfortable for the person wearing it.

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