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With the tremendous heat of the summer and the fact that we have longer days, many times we like to eat something light and healthy. Ideally speaking, we like to have easy and simple dishes to try starting from morning to evening. Healthy foods do not need to taste terrible always. There are some recipes that taste delicious yet help you to maintain your weight, diabetes level and good heart health too.  Food and food habits are very important aspects of our life. Even when any groups of people meet up, a part of the conversation directed towards the topic. This is true for all age groups and all culture. But now, the much-discussed topic is healthy food and recipes. With the increasing levels of heart problems, obesity or related problems, it is now a trend to tap the healthy foods. If you are thinking about the secrets of healthy foods and healthy recipes, you will have many clues.

A search for healthy foods can reach to its end if you receive the Food Reward Offer. Having this card means you are getting the key to explore the healthy food items of Subway. If you are a sandwich lover and still looking for a healthy option you can use your card to get the specially designed healthy food items of Subway. These foods are healthy and help you to stay focused on your weight loss goal. Well, if you are ready to try something similar recipes in your home, they are quite easy to make also.

Here are some easy but healthy recipes that you can try to make in your home. These are a healthy option for people with a busy working schedule.

Mozzarella delight

Having this sandwich is pure bliss. With lots of mozzarella and fresh vegetables, you can enjoy the heavenly taste.


  • Multigrain whole wheat bread
  • Low-fat butter
  • Vegetables like cucumber, tomato, olive or what you like ‘
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Crushed black pepper, herbs and rock salt

How to make

This recipe is especially for the people on the go. Top a slice of the bread with the low-fat butter spread thick pieces of red tomato. If you are feeling quite ambitious just add some freshly made basil pesto or just add some pieces of fresh basil leaves, olives, and pieces of cucumber. Now add lots of mozzarella and other spices like oregano, rock salt and black pepper. Drizzle it on the little amount of balsamic vinegar and cover it with other bread. Grill it for five minutes and your delicious, healthy Sandwich is ready to grab.

Brown rice beauty

Brown rice is a healthy alternative for those who are in a mission to lose some weight and want to keep the stomach full.


  • Brown rice
  • Green beans
  • Small pieces of chicken
  • Dates, almonds

How to make?

To start cooking, marinate small pieces of chicken in vinegar and olive oil, small pieces of garlic, salt, clove and ginger. Coat the chicken and refrigerate it for at least two hours

Cook the brown rice properly. Make sure that there is no water left in it. You can use separately cooked wild rice with it also. Mix both of the rice together.

As the rice is cooked, mix them with finely chopped dates, almonds. Warm it up a little bit for the chopped dates.

Now cook the marinated chicken in the oven until flaky and tender. While you are cooking the chicken, boil the green beans. Stir fry them in olive oil.

Now set the rice in a bowl, and then place the cooked chicken on the top and beans to the side. Pop it in your microwave for a few seconds. An easy, tasty and healthy dinner is ready to serve.

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