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Eating right is not always as simple as going to the grocery store and buying fruits and vegetables. Grocery stores are filled with overly processed foods and produce that has been genetically modified and sprayed with chemicals. Meat is often a product of factory farming techniques that are not good for you or the environment. This has forced many people to depend on high-calorie, highly processed food that is not good for our health. It’s important to note that there are solutions that are better for you and easier than going to the grocery store. In this article, we will discuss how local delivery services can bring you healthy, fresh, local produce and meat right to your door.

Why Community Supported Agriculture is Better

Community supported agriculture, or CSA, is a good option for those who don’t have the time and skills necessary to grow their own fruits and vegetables. In a CSA, you can buy a share of a farm so that you can get seasonal food all year long. CSA boxes are prepaid and help the farmer buy pre-selling produce, making it easier to fund the upcoming harvest. Many times these CSA boxes are purchased directly from the farmer. This allows you to ask questions about the farm and its practices. You may even develop personal relationships with farmers in your area that give you fresh produce regularly.

While you can buy CSA shares, or boxes, at farms and farmer’s markets, local delivery services that deliver CSA boxes are becoming increasingly popular. You can order fresh fruits and vegetables at any time of the year online. Many services also provide you with the option to get organic produce delivered right to your door.

Nutritious Food Right From the Farm

Having a close relationship with the farm will give you the confidence that you are consuming healthy and nutritious food. There are some factors you want to understand when choosing a farm to buy a CSA box from. First, you want to know that it is local. This will help ensure that the foods are fresh and healthy. It is best to find a farm that grows its own food without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You also want to make sure your CSA box has a variety of fruits and vegetables, so you get all of your daily nutrients and have a variety of options for cooking.

Some of the produce you can expect during the growing season are fruits like strawberries, blueberries, plums, apples, and pears. Vegetable options can include beets, carrots, potatoes, mustard greens, brussels sprouts, culinary herbs, and other seasonal items such as fresh cut flowers. If you aren’t a huge fan of vegetables, it is important to try them out because you can grow to love them when they are grown locally and fresh. This can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, and it will help you be more open to trying new foods that are good for you.

Benefits of Grass Fed Meat and Certified Organic Produce

Much of the meat and produce purchased at the store is not the healthiest. The food sold at chain grocery stores is often made up of GMO crops and corn or soy fed meat. This is because GMO crops like these are cheaper for farmers to produce. Genetically modified plants that have been treated with pesticides, chemicals, and hormones while growing in the field. Corn or soy fed meat makes meat less expensive to produce. Grass fed meats are far healthier than corn fed meats. The cattle get more nutrients from grass as opposed to corn or soy. 

Porter Road Butcher, Beaverdam Creek Farm, and Caney Fork Farms are some farms located near Nashville, TN that specialize in grass fed beef, pastured pork, and free range chickens. Porter Road Butcher Shop prides itself in its dry aging process, as well. Buying local grass fed beef, chicken, and pork ensures that the animals were raised on natural food sources. This means they are healthier for you to eat because there were no unsavory preservatives or chemicals added during their lifetime. Everything is organic with few additives.

These practices are not just good for your health but also for the environment. Farms need to be conscious about farming sustainably. Sustainable farming will help the environment by preserving natural resources, promoting biodiversity, and reducing pollution. Many farms are working with woodlands or grasses to help these areas regenerate naturally. The goal is to protect the land so future generations can enjoy it just as much as you have enjoyed it.

Delivery Options That Fit Every Lifestyle

The good news is many cities offer great delivery options for grass fed meats and CSA boxes. Big cities, in particular, have many delivery service options. Hot Poppy is one service that offers Nashville CSA boxes with the ability to add on other local goods such as healthy locally butchered meats from the middle Tennessee region. These services can be convenient if you want to get good organic food but don’t have the time to drive around to different farms and farmers’ markets.

These services often offer multiple delivery dates and times, as well as local pick-ups. In a time of convenience, there is nothing more convenient than this service. This helps you get all of your local foods with a few clicks.

In Conclusion

If you want to make sure that the food and produce you buy is healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, buying it locally from a farm or CSA will help. There are many benefits of eating local, as well as, delivery options for those who can’t shop as often at their grocery store. Your health needs to be taken seriously, and that starts with what you are putting in your body. You need to ensure that what you are consuming is both nutritious and natural. Being cognizant of what you are eating will benefit not only you, but also the local economy and the environment.

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