For many, insurance is a boring and annoying topic. In case of doubt, however, choosing the right insurance policy means a lot. The range of services offered by different providers can vary considerably. In an emergency, it could be that you have to pay for certain treatments yourself and the costs are immense in most cases. The insurance jungle is hardly transparent for many laymen. What should you pay attention to and what about your offspring?

Who may? Who must?

Whether you can take out private health insurance depends, among other things, on your life situation. An employee must earn 60,750 (gross) at least in 2019. This limit is known as the annual income threshold and increases every year. Self-employed persons, freelancers, civil servants and prospective civil servants can also take out private insurance despite a lower income.

This offers some advantages, as private patients generally receive better treatment than patients with statutory health insurance. Civil servants are entitled to assistance and the employer pays a very high proportion of the costs incurred. For employees, the employer pays a subsidy of up to 50%.

Many practices only accept privately insured patients, as these are more lucrative for doctors. The actual cost of private health insurance depends on the benefits it includes and the patient’s age. The insured person can use these parameters to determine his or her own costs from a private health insurance comparison calculator.

Private insurance for children

As a general rule, children can always be covered by private health insurance. Even if both parents are legally insured. In contrast to statutory health insurance, there is no free family insurance. As a result, the child needs its own insurance cover even though both parents are privately insured. Under certain circumstances, a child must even be privately insured.

If you have private insurance for your child, you also have to pay an insurance premium for it. However, this is considerably lower than an insurance premium for adults. The reason for this is that the costs caused by children are lower. The costs per child amount in many cases to less than 150€ without self-participation.

Making a thoughtful decision

For many who have not dealt extensively with the subject, the subject of insurance is a very confusing one. If you are considering having your child or yourself privately insured, you should research and compare in detail beforehand. An ideal platform for it offers Here you will not only find detailed comparisons, but many other helpful information. If necessary the team is also available via telephone.

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