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You might be looking forward to vacation, but it isn’t always possible to bring your scaled, furry, or feathered friend along for the journey. You have the option of boarding them in lieu of getting a sitter, but this should come with some consideration. Be sure to remember a few tips like the ones below before parting with your pet. They’ll be more comfortable while you’re gone for it.

Get Referrals

If anyone you know has boarded a pet before, now’s a good time to get their thoughts. Weigh the pros and cons they give, paying special attention to the facilities they recommend. You can also consult your veterinarian, since they’re likely to know reputable businesses to check out. If there’s something that seems off with a particular boarding business, move onto the next.

Learn The Itinerary

It’ll be good to learn what your pet will be doing while it’s at the facility, especially if it could involved something your pet doesn’t enjoy. Ask facilities for their schedules, and ask them about what your pet will receive in the meantime. Playtime, feeding time, and more will be a lot clearer this way; you can address anything that won’t work for your pet. Other amenities, like updates and training sessions, might not be readily apparent. You’ll also want to know when things start and end, so asking for the itinerary can help you avoid coming at the wrong time to drop off or pick up.

Prepare Your Pet

Are your pet’s toys and identification ready to go? Are your pet’s medications or special needs addressed? Knowing the workings of the facility will help you be ready to move forward, but you know your pet better than anyone. Have their particular belongings and conditions handled before leaving so they can have a more comfortable stay.

Also consider visiting a vet or animal hospital, like Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital, to give your pet a last checkup before parting. Having them happy and healthy beforehand will make things easier for you both.

When your pet is part of the family, you want it in to good hands when you’re gone. The boarding facility can only do so much before you embark. Using the steps above, you’ll be on track to picking the right “pet hotel.” If you’re careful, you might give your pet a little vacation of its own.

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