France is the country of Eiffel Tower, the symbol of love all over the world. The place is famous for its rich culture, art and architecture. France has a unique beauty to explore. Right from the Alps in the north to beaches in the south, the country has a lot to offer. If you love fashion, beauty, food and travel, then France will never disappoint you. But, before you pay a visit to France, here are some France travel tips to help you have a perfect vacation:

  1. To show courtesy and politeness, learn basic French words

The basic tip for a France travel trip is to learn some French words. As a rule, you should never commence a conversation with a French man in English in the first stance. So, it is important to learn basic French words as it works like magic when you are traveling here. For instance, Bonjour is hello. Merci means thank you. Once you have said a few French words, you can switch to English.

  1. Keep your wallet with you in all circumstances

Given the perfect tourist destination Paris is, it is essential that you keep your wallet and other necessities with you. The big tourist destinations have pickpockets who are masters in their field. So, don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket. You can keep a sling bag or a small trouser bag with you and stuff all your valuables in it. It is the best way to travel in Paris.

  1. Have some good French pharmacy products

If you like to travel light, then France is the best place for you. The known pharmacies of the nation offer fragrance free products right from shampoos, conditioners to face washes and creams. So, you can travel here without much ado with great ease. Remember the French shops start shutting down from 7pm, so keep this in mind.

  1. Choose subways when you can

France is deeply-connected by trains and hence French train travel never gets out of fashion. Go for a Metrocard as it helps you move around economically. You don’t have to book your tickets in advance. There are self-service machines and ticket vending counters to help you get tickets easily. One thing which gets a little problematic here is that the French subways have too many stairs which makes it tough for you to travel with too many luggage.

  1. Have an emergency helpline number

In case you have any kind of medical emergency in your hotel or at your travel destination, then it is important that you have the contact number of Geo Allo Medecin Garde. The platform helps you get in contact with a doctor on call immediately. No matter what time of day it is and what day it is, the site reaches your location via geo-location detection and gets you in touch with a doctor immediately. You can find a doctor on this call center number 118418.

  1. Keep your ID passport all the time with you

As a step to security, the malls in Paris and France often check your ID and passport. Hence, you should keep your passport handy and present it whenever asked for. It is imperative to cooperate with their security procedure and be patient. Forgetting your passport at the hotel will be complete foolishness on your part.

With these tips, you can enjoy a great experience in France. Shop your heart out as it is the country of fashion, style, food, and beautiful adventures. You will love your stay here if you keep the handy tips in mind.

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