Halal Meal Delivery in Toronto – Delicious and affordable weekly and monthly halal meal delivery service in Toronto.

Introducing Mean Meals! Your Halal Food Delivery in Toronto – packaged and delivered to your doorstep for the ultimate convenience.

How does it work?
1. Order at your convenience. You could setup weekly or month-to-month plans and cancel any time.
2. We will deliver the food fresh to your doorstep Sunday evenings.
3. Grab a box, Pop it in the microwave, dine on the delicious food and dispose off the box.

Why Choose Us?
1. All our meat are 100% certified halal. We work hard on ensuring we deliver hygienic halal meals to your plate so you can rest assured.
2. Our meals are prepared by expert cooks to ensure we carry you food of the highest quality.
3. Our rate and quantity are unrivaled without any compromise and we work hard to make it fit your budget

Our Plans
Weekly Plan (Launch Promo – $79)
10 meals delivered to you every Sunday. It will include a variety of items with the menu rotating weekly to ensure you never get tired of our delicious gourmet meals!

Monthly Plan (Launch Promo – $290)
Same as the weekly plan but with a monthly subscription model that saves you an additional 10% off your order. 40 meals with 10 meals delivered every week.

Contact Us
We’re here to help answer any question you have! Email us at support@meanmeals.ca or call us at (647) 503-5598.

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