Spirituality is the connection to something much higher than ourselves. It is mostly associated with finding meaning and purpose in life, looking for a meaningful relationship with something more significant. Besides, it is also known to bring about positive emotions, thoughts, and changes. These emotions are such as peace, contentment, and awe. Here are some of the guidelines that will help in pursuing spiritual motivation.


It is always important to turn to prayer at all times as it has been said that it helps build a strong relationship with God. Besides, it gets us much closer to him, helps find comfort during the challenging moments, avoid worldly temptations, and is vital in fighting spiritual battles. Continual prayers are associated with a better outcome in terms of one’s spirituality.


It is essential to spare some moments to connect with the higher being. One can start small, taking 10-20 minutes off the usual routine every day, and before one realizes, it has become a daily habit. Keeping in mind that it takes time to develop a habit. All it takes is a decision to commit to it. Set reminders too to remind one of the specific commitments. May be even set an alarm clock to remind one to meditate or read scripture.

Engage with a community that has the same goal

Finding a like-minded community with the same goal in mind contributes mostly to the spiritual journey. That is because they keep one in check all the time and give one a strong sense of belonging. Engaging in fellowship, fun activities together, and learning from one another’s experiences and personal journeys have a positive outcome on one’s spiritual journey. It is also essential to ask questions when need be.


It helps reduce stress levels, battle depression, and anger management, which can hinder one’s spiritual journey. Plus, meditation also helps to connect to something more profound and more significant. Look for an ideal environment that is quiet, soothing like a retreat prayer center, and take time to connect.

Develop a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset on one’s spiritual journey is a technique that tends to give people more energy, hope, and self-confidence. They set higher goals and tend to put more effort to see their goals through. Therefore, they are more motivated to pursue spirituality. One’s perspective and how much they value spirituality also makes an impact on how much work one will put into the journey and the results observed. 

Have a plan

Having a plan is known to be effective in striving to achieve the desired goal and implementations of intentions. Figure out when and how one will meet the end goal and alternatives in case a distraction is encountered. Keeping track of progress made by continually writing and reviewing on the journey helps in noting progress, and therefore, helps reinforce one’s motivation.


Spiritual motivation requires discipline throughout to achieve fulfilling results in the end. If one considers the above guidelines, chances for keeping in check are high.

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