The older the gold, the more valuable it is? Should the old gold at home be sold? Gold is a topic we have often talked about, and it is closely related to our lives. Jewelry can be used for inheritance. Gold personalized photo pendant necklace is an international hard currency that can be preserved and is also suitable for inheritance.

“There is an old gold monogram ring at home; the style is not very good-looking. I always want to change it into another one. But this ring is passed down by the old man at home. It is an antique. Is this old gold more valuable in the future? Should I save it or should I sell it?”

There is new gold and old gold?

What is the difference between new gold and old gold? Today we will talk about t0he new gold cheap personalized necklaces and old gold in our everyday life. In fact, the name of the new gold and old gold here is mainly distinguished from time. Old gold refers to gold that exists for decades or even centuries, and new gold is gold in recent years.

Gold that has not been melted and refined from mines or alluvial deposits at the bottom of rivers is raw gold custom name bracelets, also called natural gold (original gold). After the gold is refined through smelting and purification, it is finally made into gold bars, gold nuggets and various kinds of gold jewelry and industrial gold and so on.

Because of the difference in purification equipment and processes, the final gold color is also different. The times are progressing, and the production process of gold gnn infinity necklalce is changing, so there is a difference between old gold and new gold.

Old gold is yellower?

In general, old gold looks yellower and deeper than new gold, which is related to the previous craftsmanship. In the previous gold shop, turmeric powder was used to color the processed gold jewelry, so the color of gold would look more in line with the aesthetic at the time. Nowadays, people prefer the high-gloss jewelry, so now when processing gold, there is more plating and polishing processes. When you put old gold and new gold together, the old gold looks yellow and the new gold looks shiny. Moreover, the old gold itself has existed for decades or even a hundred years, and the age is long. After storage or wearing for a long time, the surface will form a “cover”. Plus, if without proper maintenance, the old gold cheap engraved bracelets will lack brightness, and it seems that there is more sense of the age – old-fashioned feeling?

Gold is low in hardness, and when you bite it, you leave a tooth mark on it. This method is only auxiliary identification, but now people will not do this. The side also shows that old gold is indeed softer than new gold.

After the processing of the old gold in the past, there will be an additional process called “tempering”. This is done to reduce the hardness of the gold and enhance the toughness. The past process technology is limited; reducing the hardness of gold can make some different styles. But now, jewelry processing technology is getting higher and higher, so the process of tempering has been eliminated. In order to overcome the problem of low hardness of gold, special technology was developed and 3D hard gold was born.

The new process technology destroys the ionic structure of gold and increases the hardness of gold. 3D hard gold is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and the gold jewelry shape is also enriched. Therefore, the old gold crafts are traditional, simple and old-fashioned, while the new gold styles are diverse and fashionable, and people have more choices.

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