College should undoubtedly be one of the best times in any student’s life. It’s likely their first time living away from home moving to the big city of New York, and sometimes the pressure to succeed can be hard on them. To give your child, friend, or anyone else you know who’s in college a little boost and show them you’re thinking of them, check out this handy list of gifts that will help them succeed.

Reliable Hard Drive

Any college student will be taking notes, writing papers, and creating presentations, all on their laptop. Their entire degree relies on the data stored within that device. Make sure that they don’t risk it all by giving them the tools they need for regular, secure back-ups. An external hard drive is a great choice; more reliable than the Cloud, copying data regularly onto one of these via their USB drive is a surefire way to set any college student’s mind at rest and ensure they don’t lose any of their precious documents.

A Special Place for Memories

It’s not just their academic data that needs to be kept safe during their years as college students. At no other point will they meet so many new people, have so many new experiences, and make memories they’ll want to hold on to.

Give the college student in your life the ability to store their precious photos and videos easily with ibi made by Sandisk. This smart photo manager can wirelessly store 250,000+ individual photos or 100+ hours HD videos safely at home, while they carry on snapping away across New York and sharing on social media without any stress.

Trappings of a Home

Making sure college students feel comfortable and at home in their new environment can play a huge role in helping them succeed in their college career, especially if they’ve only just moved into a new dorm room. A snug throw or a squishy cushion can go a long way from turning a bare college room into a home away from home. Once they feel secure and cozy, they can go out and succeed in their academics as well.

Treat Them to Some Culture

Once they’ve finished a tough paper or completed a heavy week of prepping for tests, college students all deserve some chill time. Help them get away from college life in New York for an evening with Sleep No More Tickets, a theatrical performance that takes Shakespeare’s Macbeth and turns it into a cinematic experience for the audience member. Mix education with entertainment, getting students interested in Shakespeare as well as a fun evening out.

A Green Gift in the Concrete Jungle

This gift idea could be especially good for someone who’s moved to New York from somewhere more rural and leafy. Owning a house plant, even a small one, has been shown to greatly improve people’s health and cognitive abilities. They can help to improve memory recall, guard against depression and many more benefits that would help any college student in their road to success. Not only that, but it looks good and makes a home feel more familiar.

Be sure to pick one that’s not too high-maintenance though, or else your gift will turn into more of a chore than a pleasure.

Any individual gift on this list, or all of these gifts, will make sure your friend or relative at college will have their most successful year yet. Even just a small note or a phone call can lift the spirits of a college student who’s facing some obstacles to their goals, but when paired with one of these handy presents, you can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

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