Car Accident

Physical harm or property damage from a car collision may be experienced by you or a loved one. The other party in the collision may sue you even if you walk away from it unharmed and without any plans to seek compensation. After an automobile accident in Atlanta, Georgia, if someone has filed a lawsuit against you, you normally have 30 days from the date of service to respond. If you don’t reply to the lawsuit, the judge might reject your case without hearing from you.

Should I Hire Counsel If I’m Sued Following a Car Accident?

If you are being sued following an automobile accident, it is unquestionably in your best interest to consult an attorney. Your rights can be protected with the aid of an accomplished Atlanta car accident attorney. A lawsuit involves numerous intricate details that are challenging to manage on your own. If you don’t respond to the complaint, the court can infer that you agree with every accusation leveled against you and grant them a judgment. If you engage a lawyer, they will file a response on your behalf so you can present your defense. Accidents are rarely simple. A suit for your own damages may be warranted.
A lawyer will also try to limit your liability, which is more crucial. They could try to reach an
agreement through negotiation so that your case doesn’t go to trial. They will also fight to
ensure that you receive reasonable compensation if the accident caused any injuries or
property damage to you.

Georgia’s “Fault” Automobile Insurance System

Georgia is a no-fault insurance state for autos. This indicates that the one that caused the
accident is liable for compensating the victim for their injuries. A claim will be made by the
injured party with the insurance provider of the negligent party. The person who filed the lawsuit assumes you are at fault. There are several typical auto accident scenarios that are complicated. A number of people are frequently at fault.

What if multiple people caused the crash?

Regarding the financial liability for auto accidents, Georgia has a number of regulations that
offer guidance. The principle of comparative negligence is one of them. What happens when
multiple people are at fault is governed by this law. Even if you were somewhat at fault, you
could still be awarded damages.

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