If you are using YouTube for business purposes and want to know how your audience engages with your channel, then you can connect google analytics to your YouTube channel.  It is not that you do not have access to any analytics tool besides Google. In fact, YouTube analytics is still the best for the videos you upload. However, taking help of additional tools provides new information like on how people connect to one’s Channel and how the YouTube channel drives traffic to their business website.

One of the ways the YouTube Algorithm works is the number of watch hours. The more time spent by viewers on your channel, the higher is the ranking. Initially, it may not be possible for one’s videos to go viral and attract an audience organically. This problem can be overcome when video owners buy YouTube watch hours from service providers at initial stages.

  Create a synergy

Ø  Creating an account in Google Analytics and linking it to the YouTube channel will start the process where one can get additional information.  

 Ø  Google analytics works in a similar manner to YouTube analytics except that it provides some critical information on visitor’s behavior.

 Ø  Another important metric is how people discover your YouTube Channel. From the acquisitions page, one can find different sources of traffic. The data consists of others whether the victors were organic like a direct visit to YouTube or google search and in other cases from referrals. referrals can be other social media platforms like Facebook and other websites.  This is an important metric as it gives the number of new visitor’s source wise. For any YouTube channel owner, it can give them an idea of sharing their videos on those other platforms which have shown the highest visitors.  Another data available is the bounce rate and this can be a good analysis for improving the content quality.

 Ø  One can track traffic for each video apart from the overall traffic. This helps in understanding how much engagement a specific video has and which videos did not gel with the audience.  This kind of data helps to improve future content quality and increase viewing time duration.

Helps in marketing decision-making

Complimenting YouTube analytics data with Google Analytics helps to track marketing activities. Critical decisions go haywire when limited data is available. The additional data helps to plug in the loopholes in your marketing activity.  Spending on ads blindly or using influencers without really understanding the target audience on other social media affects performance of the channel leading to leaks in marketing expenditure.

Taking the help of Social media experts

The entire exercise of marketing content on a YouTube channel is not just about views and likes only. How one can monetize video contents is extremely critical.  As per YouTube requirements, a minimum of 4000 watch hours is required before one can earn revenue. Service providers like YoutubeStorm provide the required hours for a minimal fee which sets the tone for earning revenue.

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