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Are you putting your house on the market but don’t know how to improve its value? From redecorating and repainting to remodeling and replacing, there are so many things to help you sell the house in no time.

Whether you’re a regular homeowner or a professional house flipper, you should plan ahead for these improvements. Setting aside enough funds will also help you prep the house for showings and impress potential buyers.

Keep reading to discover the best home improvements to increase value and help you sell your property faster.

Fixing Structural Problems

Before you start any cosmetic fixes, you need to fix any structural problems the house has. These include roof replacement, closing cracks, fixing falls, fixing collapsed floors, fixing leakages, replacing rotten timber, handling insect infestation, and fixing unstable elements.

These improvements will help you improve home value and you’ll have a great foundation for doing remodels and redecorations.

Updating the Systems

The most essential upgrades to make in order to boost your home value is updating the main systems in the house. These include:

  • Rewiring the electrical system
  • Updating the plumbing
  • Updating the heating
  • Upgrading the cooling system

Once you fix these, you can move on to easier tasks and external upgrades. You don’t always have to replace everything from scratch, but if the systems are faulty or old, consider it as an investment that’ll speed up the sale.

Painting Interior and Exterior Walls

Painting is a simple job that’ll increase your property value and help improve the overall look of the home. There are many things to repaint around the house, including:

  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Doors
  • Tiles
  • Mouldings
  • Countertops and cupboards
  • Fences

Use these painting services to ensure everything is painted professionally and on time. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for increasing its market value. Go for a high-quality paint to make sure it’ll last long and not chip after a few months.

Finished Basement and Loft Conversion

If you have an unfinished basement or an attic that you use for storage, try to find a way to turn them into livable spaces. For example, houses with finished basements sell much faster, especially for buyers who want to move in without having to do any renovations.

If you have attic space that you can turn into a loft, this will additionally boost the value of the home. Lofts are essentially extra bedrooms, which is a huge selling point. If you can add an extra bathroom as well, you’re sure to sell your home fast and easy.

Re-Decorating and Interior Design

One of the simplest and easiest home improvements that add value is redecorating your home. This is especially important if you don’t have a preferred interior design style. To make sure potential buyers find the house attractive, hire a professional decorator and staging expert who will help you create flow throughout the house.

They’ll make sure every room has a unique style that doesn’t stand out from the other rooms. Most homebuyers prefer a single interior style throughout the house, especially if they want a move-in ready home. Also, make sure you remove all personal items for open house and showings to help homebuyers imagine themselves in the house.

Installing New Windows and Doors

Installing new windows and doors around the house will make your home value go through the roof. If the windows are energy-efficient, you can expect a lot of interested buyers. First and foremost, replace the front door and windows as these are the first things potential buyers will see.

Then, plan to replace the windows and doors in the rest of the house. If possible, also replace the garage door to make sure it’s not loud and squeaky when potential buyers want to open it and see the garage.

Installing New Lighting Fixtures

Installing new lighting fixtures is a simple home upgrade that’ll give the house warmth and elegance. Replace old ceiling fans, wall lights, and ceiling fixtures with dimmable lights so that you can adjust the amount of light for each showing.

Use the same or similar style of lighting fixtures for the entire house. Potential buyers might not have the same style as you, but at least they won’t need to change every single fixture to match them after moving in.

Remodeling and Renovating

If there are rooms in the house that could use some remodeling, make sure you do this before anything else. Renovations and remodels will not only add value, but they’ll also attract more buyers. Start with the rooms that get used the most such as kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms experience the most wear and tear, so they’ll need the most improvements.

If you’re strapped for time and money, only remodel one room, but do it right. Otherwise, you can remodel several rooms at once to speed up the process and put the house on the market.

You can also do smaller remodeling jobs in other rooms in the house. These include replacing drywall, tearing down walls, installing new floors, new windows, or even adding new furniture.

Curb Appeal and Exterior Upgrades

Potential buyers will also take a look at your front yard and backyard, so you need to prep them as well. Focus on improving the home’s curb appeal as this is the very first thing people notice when they come for an open house.

Other important jobs to do outside include:

  • Cleaning up debris
  • Mowing the lawns
  • Pruning the trees, bushes, and flowers
  • Power-washing the driveway and other surfaces
  • Washing the exterior windows and doors
  • Cleaning up the garage
  • Fixing roof problems
  • Planting new flowers
  • Cleaning the chimneys
  • Buying new outdoor furniture
  • Adding outdoor lighting

Well-maintained gardens will speed up the purchasing decisions of potential buyers, so don’t neglect this step.

These Are The Best Home Improvements to Increase Value

Now that you know the best home improvements to increase value, it’s time to give your home a makeover and put it on the market. Potential buyers love seeing how well taken care of the house is so they won’t have to do much to it after they buy it.

Want more home improvement and interior design tips? Check out some of the other articles we’ve written on these topics and stay tuned for more useful content.

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