Virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, although they have been in existence for several years, are currently experiencing an important boom, and the blockchain technology that is behind them can represent a disruptive change in all current economic and business areas.

Virtual currencies are the future. Thanks to them and to blockchain technology, companies and SMEs are presented with the possibility of incorporating different payment methods. The online currencies allow you to make payments, especially online, but each time in the streets of different cities ATMs are installed to change money, in our case dollars or euros, to cryptocurrencies.

The company that wants to operate with this currency must incorporate a payment gateway for its website. With these coins, the entrepreneur avoids the usual management payments that are incorporated into traditional transactions.

These actions are carried out online or at an ATM that allows currency exchange. It is also possible to do this in traditional businesses, although installing this technology in a physical store is a more complex process and requires specific requirements.

It would be necessary to install a virtual wallet and have specific knowledge. It is true that it would be much more comfortable for foreign clients, for example, tourists, and would imply a competitive difference. Having your smartphone handy would be enough. In this device, the virtual currency would be carried and the payment would be made through a QR code.

The cryptocurrencies are not only advantageous for tourists who do not have the same currency as the country they are traveling to. But on a day-to-day basis, they also have different utilities and in some countries, this way of managing money and investments is spreading more and more.

Investing is a way to earn money and with virtual currency, SMEs can issue tokens. What is a token? They are virtual titles that the investor receives in exchange for depositing an amount for a project of a company or a new business.

The investor receives the benefits if the business meets the objectives set. In a way, it is similar to crowdfunding, but the difference is that in this case, the company does not need to be created to issue these tokens.

Using tokens is the best way to reach more people who don’t have access to cryptocurrencies.

GenesisONE is a kind of cryptocurrency-based collection platform that can be used in a variety of global businesses and projects. The purpose of creating this platform is to reach more people who do not have access to cryptocurrency and various related projects and games. The end goal is the exponential growth needed in global GDP to equalize wealth around the world.

GenesisONE enables cross-cultural transactions. It is a system that is constantly being developed. With its NeoGenesis e-wallet, financial trading operations can take place on all cryptocurrency pairs, including commodities, stocks, as well as currencies. Algorithmic trading will be increased to increase the portfolio of the marginalized.

GenesisONE allows investors in various parts of the world to get the opportunity to earn dividends based on the performance of the projects they are involved in. GenOne Coin, the token, has been licensed in Estonia to be used as an official exchange tool. With a stable value of $ 1 USD, this token is predicted by many to become a favorite medium of exchange in the future, more than any other cryptocurrency.

There are big plans regarding the use of GenOne Coin in the future, including covering the aviation industry, agricultural industry, traditional commodity trading transactions to the global casino industry, especially the global lottery industry such as MegaBall, PowerBall, and Euromillions.

With a very neatly organized and constantly evolving system, GenesisONE is the next revolution in cryptocurrency. This is more than just cryptocurrency.

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