Can you imagine losing all the data on your PC? Losing your data on your personal computer would be unimaginable. Think about how catastrophic it would be if you lost all the data on your work computer. While these hypothetical situations are scary, what’s even more so is the fact that it does happen. 

That’s why so many recovery software are popping up these days. The internet is a scary place these days. You never know when or how you might become a target for cybercrime. Sometimes I wish I lived in a Spectrum service area, so I could get an online security suite. I know there are other free security suites I can try, but I have trust issues. 

5 Best Free Recovery Software for Windows

Although Windows does not have a built-in data recovery software, it does have a system restore. That means if you accidentally delete a program or driver, then you can restore it. It would have been nice if windows could also backup your data for you. But there are countless third-party software that you can use instead.

  1. Recuva
  2. TestDisk
  3. PhotoRec
  4. Data Rescue 5 for Windows
  5. Disk Drill

#1. Recuva

Recuva has one of the best names in the industry. But that is not why it made the list of the top 5. Recuva has some of the best features in the ‘Free’ category. Of course the more you pay, the more you get. But Recuva gives you a lot of features for free. 

One of the most interesting features of the software is that it can also help you fix damaged files. Sometimes when files have been dormant on your PC, they can get corrupted. It is most common with video files and pictures. Recuva can automatically fix everything. So you can rest assured that your old memories will always remain safe.

Some other features that need to be highlighted are the deep scan mode. And the interface is one of the easiest you will ever use. It makes everything simple and fun to use. And if you are interested in security features, Recuva has military standard security. 

#2. TestDisk

If you like your programs to be a little geeky, TestDisk is the best fit for you. The program doesn’t have a regular user interface. If you are used to simple and easy to use interfaces, then you might not be able to use TestDisk. It uses a command-line tool instead of a regular interface.

TestDisk is one of the pioneers in the industry. In fact, at a point, it was considered the gold standard for data recovery in the industry. The software was intended to be used for fixing disks that were not booting. And you could also recover lost partitions in the hard drive. 

TestDisk also helps you in rebuilding the boot sector. As well as recovering and fixing deleted partition tables. So you can recover files from FAT, NTFS, exFAT, and ext2 file systems. Another redeeming feature of the software is that it works on all windows versions. So if you are using an older version, like Windows7 then you don’t need to upgrade. 

#3. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is one of the most versatile data recovery software on this list. Sure, you can use it for recovery of files on your PC. But how many data recovery software also secure data on other devices, like your digital cameras? PhotoRec does. And it does it well. 

Like TestDisk, PhotoRec also works on all Windows versions. So you can use it with more devices. And it works exceptionally well in recovering data from CD-ROMs. There are hardly any data recovery software that still pay attention to lost hardware like CD-ROMs. So it is refreshing to find one among the top 5 that still do. It really feels like PhotoRec doesn’t want you to lose any of your old data. 

Additionally, it is noteworthy that PhotoRec supports a lot of formats. Its extensive list of supported formats has you covered. Pictures, videos, and all kinds of document formats are a piece of cake for the adept software. It also has an ‘Unformat’ option. This will allow you to use custom formats of your choice. 

#4. Data Rescue 5 for Windows

Data Rescue 5 for Windows is one of the most comprehensive software for data recovery. Though it is very effective, it keeps things simple with its user interface. The interface is clean and highlights its features well. So even if you’re not a technical person, you can use all the features of the software.

Not only can it create a byte-by-byte copy of the disk at the initial stage of a mechanical failure. But it can also keep you updated if something goes wrong. If any event takes place which lowers the chances of a successful recovery, you are informed. So you can take precautions to ensure that does not happen.

#5. Disk Drill

Not only can Disk Drill help you restore your data in case of a disk failure. But it also keeps a track of deleted files. So if you accidentally delete a file, you don’t have to perform data recovery. You can simply head to the ‘Recovery Vault’ and restore the file from there. it also allows you to create files in the DMG, ISO, and IMG formats.


Using these top free recovery tools you can rest assured that your data is protected. No matter what unforeseen event happens. I know I felt safer browsing the internet after I downloaded my recovery software. And the online security suite with my internet service definitely helped as well. With all the cybercrime these days, data recovery software have become more necessary than ever. 

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