At Incredible Planet, we absolutely love open source and all that comes with it. Today we’re focusing on icon packs, featuring both the most famous and widely used ones such as Font Awesome, as well as more obscure and unheard of ones. We hope you’ll enjoy!

Font Awesome

Why not start with one of the most popular icon packs out there? In fact, our own website uses this exact package coupled with Google Fonts to showcase all our typography and icons on the site.

It’s licensed under very reasonable terms, and fairly light-weight, built for use on the internet and so it’s perfect for many projects, large and small.

Open Iconic

This bundle of beautiful icons is licensed under the MIT license, and features more than 250+ icons in SVG, Raster and Webfont formats. This makes it ideal for use on most projects, although the limited amount of icons can be a deterrent to some larger projects.

Material Icons

By none other than our favorite search engine, Google, comes this set of material icons to complete the material UI element packages. If you’ve taken a shine to the way Google envisions user interfacing and graphical design with flat colors and elements, this set might just be for you!

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