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Fractional laser treatment or fraxel laser treatment is a photorejuvenation procedure that is a popular means of treating common signs of aging like wrinkles, textures and spots on the skin.

Fraxel treatment is a popular form of laser resurfacing that is commonly used in many modern dermatological clinics. There are several different devices on the market that are used by skincare professionals to benefit clients.

Fraxel treatment is a completely non-invasive process that uses a laser beam that divides into thousands of different microscopic treatment areas. Each beam targets a fraction of the skin as accurately as the pixel resolution of a digital photograph.

The fraxel treatment bridges the divide between traditional ablative and non-ablative treatments for aged or damaged skin. Ablative treatments work to mainly improve the epidermis or surface skin cells while non-ablative treatments work on the dermal collagen found in the mid-layers of the skin.

Fraxel treatment works on both the epidermal and dermal collagen layers of the skin delivering one of the most comprehensive dermatological treatments that is available. It can be used on most parts of the body but is noted to be very useful in treating issues on the hands, neck and chest of patients.

The treatment is safe to use on all skin types whilst the techniques used can vary based on the age, skin type and sun exposure. Fraxel treatment is commonly combined with surgery or other similar skin treatments.

The procedure

After consultation with a skincare professional on the extent and goals of the treatment, it can begin. Fraxel treatment starts by applying a laser beam that divides itself into thousands of individual treatment columns that treat the skin.

These divisions of the beam are known as MTZs (microthermal treatment zones). In each of the MTZ’s the aging epidermal cells are removed and a penetration of the dermis collagen leads to a reaction that cause remodelling via a new formation of collagen.

The specificity of the MTZs allows the surrounding healthy tissue to remain unaffected and this helps to quicken recovery. The fractional laser treatment delivers a faster healing process than if the entire treatment area was being affected by the same intensity of the beam.

How many treatments are necessary? When do I see results?

A common frequency is to carry out 4 to 6 treatments that are spaced out by 2 to 3 weeks apart from each other. This frequency can change depending on the sensitivity of the patient and how deep or prevalent their skin issues are.

To keep up the best effects of the treatments experts recommend 2 or 3 procedures every year. This is because as the skin constantly ages and the results of the treatment can require maintenance.

It’s easy to carry out several treatments not far apart because of the quick healing the procedure allows for patients. The worst side effects are normally the skin feeling like sand paper for a few days post treatment which is not an issue that others can see.

Some patients may experience a minor sunburn sensation for roughly an hour post treatment and some swelling that will end in 2 to 3 days. Within approximately 24 hours the treated skin will take on a bronze appearance as the new epidermal layer takes form.

The results can quickly be recognised just days after the treatment. The average rate of collagen synthesis can normally take up to 8 weeks post treatment before the best results are seen. Once the treatment is over and your skin is look fabulous, it is important they you learn to enhance your new skin by learning to contour!

Fractional laser treatment and facial treatment Sydney are both safe and effective as a skin treatment solution. Its advanced laser technology allows for precise targeting of problem areas while not unnecessarily damaging other parts of the skin.

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