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There are no shortage of jobs requiring educated people to fill out roles for various positions in IT. And with more and more of our world becoming digital every day, there is no reason to think that the future will look any different. So today we are going to take a closer look at four amazing careers you can choose for a comfortable job and secure future, enjoy!

1. Data Science

By choosing a career in data science, your job will involve analyzing and organizing the vast treasure troves of digital data that companies and governments produce. There are many fields to further specialize in, such as Machine Learning, Big Data and many other areas that are flourishing with an increase in job opportunities growing by the minute.

The requirements can vary depending on the specifics of the job in question, as well as where you decide to study data science, but in general you will need to have excellent skills in math, as well as be able to understand and possibly even write intermediate or advanced level code.

2. Network engineering

There will probably not become further opportunities in the future for people with an education in network systems and more. As our world is becoming increasingly connected through the many interfaces that interact over the internet, so will our need for network technicians, administrators and developers continue to grow as well.

Almost all corporations use the internet to drive a large portion of their business. From handling internal calendar and mail platforms, to making sure the company servers are secure and safe, there are many paths for you to further specialize in.

3. Programmer

If you like to create and invent, then perhaps being a programmer could be of interest to you. Here you will often be implementing creative solutions in order to achieve your goals, and it can be quite rewarding to see the fruit of your labor translated into a working mobile app or complex dashboard.

Some math will be required as part of your education, but in general pattern recognition and an understanding of languages will also help you out with your studies. The pay is highly competitive and even junior developers can look forward to being in relatively great demand right out of school.

4. UX Artist

For all the software, networks and databases out there, there is a need for making the interfaces beautiful and accessible. A skilled UX artist will be in high demand anywhere in the world, and the job can be very rewarding for those who appreciate seeing their work used by thousands if not millions of people.

If you are not as technically inclined, prefer to stay away from complex equations, and networks are not really your thing, then perhaps being an UX artist might be just the thing you are looking for. Here you will be able to fully unleash your creativity.

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