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You may know diastasis recti as the post-baby belly or pooch. During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles and the connective tissue that surround them stretch to accommodate the growing baby. After pregnancy, everything should return to normal. However, some cases may experience overstretching, and the connective tissues lose their elasticity and fail to recover. As a result, you get a gap that vertically runs across your belly, splitting your abdominal muscles and giving rise to diastasis recti. It is one of the side effects of pregnancy and is normal as at least 60% of pregnant women experience it. However, if you wonder How to Fix Diastasis Recti safely and without expensive surgery, there are ways to do so.

Why Fix Your Diastasis Recti

The most apparent issue with diastasis recti is cosmetics. That belly pooch can make you look like you are still pregnant, or you gained extra weight. Such a condition can put a mental strain on mothers. However, besides appearance, there are also other health reasons why you should address your diastasis recti.

Your abdominal muscles have several functions other than making you look good. Your head has your skull to protect your brain, while your chest has your ribs to protect your heart and lungs. Your belly, however, has no bones. The main protector of your stomach, intestines, liver, and other vital organs are the abdominal muscles. With diastasis recti, your abdominal muscles and the surrounding tissues are weaker, making you more prone to injury. In extreme cases, diastasis recti can lead to hernias.

Another function of the abdominal muscles is support as they are part of your core. If you have diastasis recti, you may experience some low back and pelvic problems, which are areas that your abdominals also support. You may experience problems with your posture and your trunk and hip stability and mobility.

Fix that Post-Baby Belly

There are ways to fix your diastasis recti. Of course, there is the surgical option, but that should always be the last resort. There are natural and less expensive ways to Fix Diastasis Recti. Many women undergo special exercise programs that not only fix the separation between your abs but also address the functional issues of diastasis recti. These programs aim to activate, redevelop, and re-strengthen the muscles around the abdominal area.

A study even found that such programs can restore the integrity of the abdominal area in less than 12 weeks. Similarly, recovering from surgical treatment of diastasis recti can take another 12 weeks as well. However, recovering from surgery will require you to restrict your activity, so you do not reopen the wound. Such restrictions include time off work and family, including your kids. Plus, your insurance may not cover the surgery since they may classify it as cosmetic. Doctors also do not recommend having kids again after the surgery.

If you marvel How to Fix Diastasis Recti without surgery, read further. In contrast to the surgery, exercise programs that aim to repair diastasis recti will not only let you be active but also make you stronger and fitter. You can essentially reverse all the adverse effects of diastasis recti like pelvic and low back pain. You also have the freedom to have more kids.

Having a child is a gift, but the post-baby belly is not. Do not let diastasis recti hinder your life.  By choosing the non-surgical ways to fix diastasis recti, not only will you rid yourself of the health consequences, but you will also be able to enjoy motherhood to the fullest.

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