So you’ve decided to start a catering business but are unsure of where to begin. The good news is, starting your own catering company isn’t as costly as you might think. Ensuring that you have the proper dinnerware supplies and cooking utensils are a must. When deciding on the proper supplies for your business, remember that going eco-friendly can have some serious benefits, especially in Canada. Many Canadian provinces are starting to provide financial incentives to people who are taking the conscious step in becoming more energy efficient, this includes businesses. Going green has its advantages and picking the right eco-friendly dinnerware is the first step to guarantee your company’s success in this new environmentally climate. Listed are five must-have disposable supplies for your business.

Eco-Friendly Bagasse Plates

Conserver Bagasse white round plates are the perfect compliment to any food service business. Made from sugarcane fiber, not plastic, these plates are eco-friendly; meaning, they won’t have the same negative impact on the environment than plastic dinnerware can have. Bagasse is the fibrous materials left behind from the sugarcane plant after its juice has been harvested. Dinnerware made out of this material is more biodegradable than plastic, meaning a safer option for our eco-systems.

Eco-Friendly Verterra Trays and Boards

Verterra dinnerware is made from fallen leaves and biodegradable certified compostable materials. The manufacturing process includes fallen palm leaves, heat, and pressure; absolutely no waxes dyes or additives. Verterra trays and boards are the perfect complements to your food service business as they can withstand hot foods, oils, and liquids, the best part, they’re microwavable. Whether you’re using them to carry steaming hot bread, or a zesty entrée, Verterra trays are strong enough for both.

Eco-friendly Palm Leaf Square Bowls

Round palm leaf plates and square bowls are an excellent alternative to Verterra. This dinnerware is made from one hundred percent natural, biodegradable material, sturdy but priced still for one-time use.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Eating Utensils

Eating utensils can make or break your food business, choosing sturdy yet eco-friendly alternatives are important. Wooden utensils not only are super durable, but they also aren’t much more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Safe and Strong enough to wash and re-use, these wooden eating utensils are just what your food service business needs to cut costs while remaining environmentally friendly.

Re-Usable Acrylic Dinnerware

For those food service business owners interested in a more sustainable and reusable option, Lillian Acrylic dinnerware may be the right option. Dishwasher safe, it comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit any guest occasion.

Elegant Plastic Wedding Plates

Catering weddings are full of surprises and guests might not want wooden dinnerware to honor the occasion. For these types of situations, elegant plastic wedding plates and dinnerware are the perfect solutions. Safe and durable, this disposable option is sure to turn heads at any wedding or special event.

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to your dinnerware problem, or, an elegant, safe plastic alternative for special events, visit, they got you  covered.

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