In this day and age more than 60% of all Internet users surf the web by using their mobile devices instead of their desktops. On top of that, according to Magicdust, “studies are showing that people using tablets have higher rates of conversion than desktop users”. So, if any business owner wants to keep up with the times, he or she will without any doubt have to guarantee that their web design is in fact accessible to those Internet users who choose to go online via their mobile devices.

Five Advantages Of Responsive Web Design

Better Search Rankings

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Search engines such as Google search for websites that are in fact mobile-friendly and use responsive web design. If the search engines like your website, you can increase your web traffic significantly. Ultimately more traffic translates to more sales.

Boosts Customer Experience

Nowadays it is no longer good enough just to focus on bettering your customers’ shopping experience at your brick-and-mortar store. You must also ensure that their online shopping experience is as pleasant as possible and responsive web design is one sure way to achieve that.

If your customers can browse your website easily via both their desktops and mobile phones, the chances are good that they will feel that your small business appreciates their support.

Boosts Your Income

With the help of responsive web design, your customers will be able to “visit” your store even when they are at some place else. As a matter of fact, close to 70% of Internet users state that they prefer to shop at a website that is mobile-friendly.

In other words, if the web design of your website is currently only aimed at the Internet users who have access to only desktops, you are losing out on a golden opportunity to improve your bottom line.

Reduces Your Expenses

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It can be very difficult to manage two separate websites, in other words one website for desktop users and another website for mobile users. If you choose to go this route, the chances are good that you might need to enlist the services of an expert to help you with this mammoth task.

Now, when you opt for responsive web design, the need for two websites disappears! Also, if you only have one website, tasks such as SEO and maintenance become much less challenging too!

More People Will Talk About Your Business And Brand

Responsive web design can really be a great investment! If a customer had a pleasant experience while browsing your website, he or she will want to share that with friends and family. Ultimately this will get more people talking about how great your business and brand are and when more people are finding out about your business, fewer people will support your competition.

Thus, it is clear that with the help of responsive web design, you can reach more customers and more customers mean more money…

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