Of all the sense organs, eyes are the most precious as we see the world through them. It is our eyes that connects us with our surroundings through visual contact and hence works for us as long as we keep the eyes open. As known by all, the eye is basically a complex lens that creates images of every reflection it receives and maintenance of the same is also critical as a loss in eyesight will necessarily mean a deteriorated quality of life. But, with age, like all other organs of the body, eyes also tend to lose their efficiency. There is one significant problem there that is generated along with aging, which is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

The diseases

As suggested by the name, this disease is caused as a consequence of a damaged macula. The macula is the part of the retina that is there at the back of the eye. This part of the eye is entirely responsible for the sharp central vision, colour vision and detailed vision which deteriorates along with a gradual, painless loss of sight when AMD intrudes in. Hence, once you detect any problem regarding the eyesight, you should consult a retina specialist without any further delay. Depending on the status of the macula, the retina specialists suggest treatment. Central Serous Retinopathy, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Hole, Macular Pucker, Retinal Detachments, Vein Occlusions are some of the processes through which the treatment is done. AMD can be of two types, namely the Dry AMD and the Wet AMD. No matter what, Neoretina have the best retina surgeons in Hyderabad have the best ways to treat and cure and consulting them would be a wise decision.

Types of AMD

The dry AMD, also known as the Atrophic AMD is usually caused by the accumulation of drusen around the macular region. At the initial stages, the affected person suffers from a blurred vision and might require a brighter light to read. If not detected and treated on time, this problem might cause spot blindness (scotoma) at its advanced stage.

The wet AMD, on the other hand, is caused by thickening and breakdown of the membrane under the retina. The oxygen supply to macula decreases substantially, and abnormal blood vessels are formed below the retinal area. At the initial stages, the visuals will appear blurred, and the straight lines might seem to be wavy. With progression, wet AMD can cause permanent eyesight loss.

Though there of no proven treatment there for the prevention or cure of dry AMD, Vitamin therapy can be tried to make improvements. However, contrary to this, the wet AMD has a better way out as laser therapy is used to get rid of the leaky fragile blood vessels, curing the wet AMD. There is a variety of drugs, treatments, and diagnostic supports available for retinal diseases that can be availed to make the optical health better for an older adult.  Timely detection and advanced treatment can cure most of the problems arising out of macula and can ensure a happy and healthy life with clear vision.

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