Over time, working from home has become the ultimate desire for most people across the globe, and with the current pandemic, it is clear that it is doable. You can still get work done whether you are at home or in the office. For a conducive workspace and to ensure that you deliver on time, you need to get a good quality desktop for your home office. 

Just about any desktop can suffice, after all you simply need a machine to help you work, right? No. You need a quality desktop to produce quality and timely work. Here are essential features of a good desktop you should look out for:

Essential Features of a Good Desktop


Commonly known as Random Access Memory (RAM) is an important component of a computer as it determines the speed and number of programs that can be run on the machine. The more the RAM the better the performance because when the RAM is full, it slows down the speed and performance of the machine. For basic computer operations, 1GB RAM is good, but depending on the kind of work you do, a larger RAM would suffice. The efficiency of your desktop depends on the amount of RAM.

PRO TIP: Always check your RAM to see if it has the provision to add more memory.


Basically, known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), this is a feature that gives your computer the ability to run multiple programs at the same time. CPU’s keep evolving so to have a reliable desktop, ensure you invest in one that has the latest processors.

Hard Drive

All the files and programs in your computer are stored in the hard drive. For your home office, you will need a computer that has sufficient space on the drive especially if you work with some type of multimedia regularly. Whether you are using the regular laptop or 2-in-1 laptop, your computer should be able to store larger files like videos for it to be effective for your daily work. 

Wireless Connectivity

Choosing to work from home means you will be having access to the internet, as a lot of professions today rely on the internet. Therefore, you will need a desktop that has the ability to connect to wireless internet, and not necessary use a cord. With a wireless connectivity, you are able to set up your home office anywhere within the house, thus limiting the sight of wires and cables within the home. 

Anti-virus Software 

Your computer needs protection from malware and viruses that is why you need a spy ware package. Find a computer that has the anti-virus software that will protect your computer from getting attacked, which always comes unexpectedly. Having this software keeps your computer secure and reduces the chances of losing your files in case an attack occurs. 

Graphics Card

Computers come fitted with graphics but if you are in the production industry, like web design or video production, you will need a graphics card or chip that bring out images clearly like they should. A good graphics card improves your computer’s resolution for better visibility. 

Operating System

An operating system is what connects both software and hardware to ensure your computer works efficiently, otherwise your desktop would just be a piece of material. The major operating systems available in the market include: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. A major entry in the world of OS is Apple’s Mac and a good quality apple desktop supports latest games which would be a good choice for most gamers. 

All in one PC

An all in one PC has gained popularity as it is becoming an essential workstation with all the programs placed on the screen for convenience. They are easy to put together and come with a keyboard, mouse and a speaker. An all in one PC is recommended for anyone who desires a home office but has limited space. It is a good fit as it does not take up too much space, is flexible and portable. 

Technology is always advancing, therefore to keep up with the changes you need to check for latest updates. However, when it comes to selecting a desktop for your home office, go for a system that is right for you, depending on the type of work you are doing.

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