Your family planner is your holy grail for organising, tracking and planning your week – but that doesn’t mean it has to look boring or corporate! Take the spreadsheet out of your organisation and add a little creativity, you never know, your kids might even get excited about adding to your gorgeous new planner. The first step is to secure yourself a planning method that works for you, your home and your lifestyle. The style is important because you want to be able to have your organiser on display without interrupting the visual flow of your home. Be sure to pick a calendar or book that coincides with your general colour palette, a neutral kitchen will be majorly thrown off by a bright red calendar on the wall! Once you’ve found the perfect style, it’s time to get creative with your planning. Here are a few cool ideas to style up your planning methods…

Colour Coded Pens

Colour coded pens will immediately identify who or what a task, date or plan is concerning – they’re really the best way to see some instant visual organisation going on in your planner! The easiest way to do this is to assign a colour to each member of your family and one to communal activities. You’ll be able to see who’s booked, where people are going to be and how much free time you all have together over the course of a week or month, depending on your planner’s format.

The Sticker System

Stickers are a very cute way to mark significant or exciting upcoming events on your calendar! Avoid using them every day as this can be wasteful and not all that economical. Choose themed stickers for birthdays, weddings, seasonal festivals and events – they’ll be a great reminder of all the good things to come in your week, month or year!

Custom Symbols

If you want to use the sticker system but you’re not all that keen on going out and buying a tonne of new stationery, there is another way to go about it! Come up with sweet drawings of symbols and use these in place of stickers on your calendar. Each family member can come up with a symbol to make it a collaborative affair.


Polaroids are a cool, contemporary way to enhance your planning system. If you have a polaroid camera that’s gathering dust in the corner, as a lot of us do, it’s time to whip it out and get creative with your photography! Use a picture of your dog to signify the next time you’re heading to the vet, a tasty meal for your next food shop and a snap of the family for your next day out as a clan – whatever you like to indicate a plan or chore that you repeat on a pretty regular basis!

Chalk Board

Adding chalkboard effect to your planning system is very kitsch, on-trend and useful if you aren’t using a traditional diary or calendar system. You can paint over a surface with chalkboard paint to transform a plain wall or look for books that have chalkboard effect on the pages. This is really fantastic as it’s very easy to recycle or repurpose.

Laminate your Pages

Another option for reusable planning that’s great if you already have a paper planner on your hands! You can use felt tip markers to note and doodle on your laminated pages, perfect for those who love to use desk planners. This is especially great if you have little ones who can’t quite colour inside of the lines…just yet.

There you have it, some awesomely creative planner ideas to make your organisation a little more fun!

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