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Residential roofing of the house can be styled with, a number of varieties. These days, we have wider choices than just two natural materials, wood and slate. Variants like Asphalt, plastic polymer, metal, rubber, help us in keeping our houses shielded and appear appealing. Before you choose any of the residential roofing services, it is important to know the advantages and losses of using different materials.

What Should You Notice in a Roof Material?

  • Durability of the shield
  • Will it be strong enough during calamities like a hurricane, forest fire etc?
  • How much heavier it is as compared to existing framing?
  • If the materials can be recycled.
  • Do local area codes allow these roofings?
  • Will it blend with the style and architecture of the house?
  • The cost of the material along with the installation.

What can be the upsides and downsides of these roofing materials?

Roofing of the house cannot be copied. If your neighbor has got a metal roof installed, maybe that suits the house type. There are various factors including roof slope and strength which can give you a firm perspective. More information will narrow down your choices; so that you can choose the best roof style for your house.

Below is a rundown on types of roofing, so that you can call the residential roofing company with some real facts in hand:

  1. Metal

Available Materials: It comes in a range of varieties such as copper, steel, aluminum and zinc. Often steel roofs come coated with zinc. However, copper material roofs are installed raw then can be made more solid with a coating of green patina.

Appealing Impression: The metal sheets can be fixed with hidden fasteners. This will make them appear flawless and firm.

Life of the Material: This lasts for a fairly long time. Also, if you coat it with a protective layer, then it can provide an even enlarged durability.

Recyclable: These can be easily recycled when you replace with a newer look.

Cost: The cost will never harm your pocket. They come from moderately priced to high prices.

  1. Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles can be your longtime companion as they are fairly fire resistant. Also, the heaviness will not perish with the time.

Natural Material: It is a product of smoldering natural clay which is fired deeply in a kiln.

Traditional Spanish Impression: With a conventional look, it appears more like slate and gives a finished look.

Life of the Material: A very rare maintenance is required. However, it can break under extreme weather.

Cost: Appears subtle but may come at a higher cost.

  1. Plastic Polymer

They appear very similar to wood shakes. This is formed composing the plastic and enlarged materials called polymers.

Natural Material: Crafted from a high-quality plastic polymer material which is made with the high-tech method.

Impression: Appears similar to wood shakes or slates.

Life of the Material: Requires minimal maintenance and is long lasting.

Cost: Comes at moderate cost. You can choose this for appealing looks.

  1. Concrete Tiles

They come with a lower cost as compared to clay material tiles. However, they are heavier than clay.

Natural Material: A blend of sand and Portland cement type.

Impression: It can be adorned with applied color shade on the surface. Also, they resemble the traditional roasted clay material but are more heat and fire resistant.

Life of the Material: Just like clay, they can endure a long lasting life, but can also experience breakage.

Cost: Comes at moderate cost.

  1. Wood Shingle

These are specially made from wood which can restrain any decomposition.

Natural Material: They are usually made from decay-resistant wood but can also be composed of cedar.

Impression: Looks really natural. Comes in a variety of partitions.

Life of the Material: May need a higher amount of maintenance. Also, the lifespan is not very durable. However, they stand intact in windy weathers.

Cost: Comes at moderate cost.